Sunday, November 10, 2013

12 Step Program to a More Beautiful You

In the world of beauty there are creams and a machine for everything, but here are 12 simply who-knew beauty tricks that can be done in a pinch and on a dime that will have you looking your best.
Look younger instantly 12 who-knew beauty tricks.

  1. Don't slouch. This won't cost you one dime, but will have your family and co-workers asking if you've recently lost weight or started working out.
  2. Drink plenty of water. You know, you've been told this a million times but its true! Water naturally flushes your body of aging toxins and helps reduce weighty inflammations.
  3. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It won't be the same results as an hour long date with the stair stepper, but adding exercise to your daily routine. It won't be the same results as an hour long date with the stair stepper, but adding exercise to your everyday routine will have your legs slimming and tummy tightening sooner than you'd think. Try doing calf raises in the shower, or while brushing your teeth. Throw in a couple extra squats when you reach down to pick something up you've dropped. (Maybe not suitable for the office.)
  4. Diet for you. Everyone's body is completely different. Some people can eat their body weight in donuts and not gain an ounce while others can look at a piece of bacon and go into cardiac arrest. Instead of spending tons of money on the latest fad diet, do a little research. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain items. do carbs make you crave more carbs? Does dairy upsets your stomach? Eating for your body will help it function at full potential; keeping you young.
  5. Get outside. There is no need to lay out for hours on the beach or hike for days through the woods to benefit from being outside. Sitting outside for a brief 10 minutes a day can help elevate your mood and keep those worry and frown lines off your face.
  6. Wear sunscreen. Although this beauty tip won't make you grow think, shiny locks of hair or have perfect skin overnight, the use of sunscreen and smart sun protection practices throughout a lifetime can be the difference between aging like Halle Berry and aging like...anyone off of reality TV.
  7. Skip the skim. If you're a coffee drinker, you may consider ordering your latte with 2% milk fat as opposed to skim. Studies have shown that the fat in the milk not only helps your body digest the milk better, but helps prevent your teeth from soaking up the coffee pigments.
  8. Use a tooth brush. We all know the importance of brushing our teeth, but did you know you can use a tooth brush to prep your pout for lipstick? By gently brushing your lips with a soft bristled tooth brush, you can remove dead skin and get kiss-ably smooth lips whether you are wearing lipstick or not.
  9. Take a night for yourself. Have a girl's night in or even a personal at-home spa day is cost effective and not only helps you look beautiful, but be more confident. Taking time for yourself helps establish a sense of self worth, creating a happier, more confident, and more radiant you.
  10. Skip a day washing your hair, although hygienic, strips your hair of natural oils. With constant stripping of oils, your body will begin to produce more oil in attempts to compensate for all the oils that are being taken away. By skipping a day or two between washes, your scalp will have chance to calm its oil productions.
  11. Get the girls fitted. Did you know that the majority of women will spend their whole life wearing the wrong sized bra? its as simple as popping into your local lingerie shop or any Victoria's Secret to get measured and fitted. The base of any good outfit are great foundation garments.
  12. Tame those brows! Eyebrows are one of the most expressive details of women's face. You don't want yours to be expressing anything anything in the realm of furry. Head over to your local beauty school for a quick brow-do and notice the difference shaping can make.

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