Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elegantly Soft Gold Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are currently in style and have been in fashion for decades. This fashion is improving day to day with many styles on getting the perfect soft gold Smokey eye. The secret for getting an elegantly soft gold smokey eye is perfect blending. This entails blending colors together in a flawless design.
Pairing colors which are rich and dark with light colors is very important for perfect blending. Nice mix of colors results to an elegantly soft gold smoky eye. This includes laying the base with soft gold and deep purple on top of it. Also, the base could be suitable with champagne light blue and a green hue peach base.
Requirements for Making an Elegantly Soft Gold Smoky Eye
For a perfect and attractive smoky eye, an eye primer is important for maintaining shadow in its proper place. Two shadows are also necessary, one darker and one lighter for mixing. Also, the process would not be successful without an eyeliner, mascara and makeup brushes.
Steps on How to Make Elegantly Soft Gold Smoky Eyes
1. Clean the lids
Keeping the eyelids free from oil prevents melting the eye shadow from the eyelid. To perfect this, an eye shadow is applied to the base of the eye and letting it dry before the next step is taken.
2. Application of the Eyeliner
Eyeliner is applied by drawing a thick line through the middle of the eye slightly on top of upper lash line. In this case, violet is the best color for a gorgeous looking smoky eye.
3. Application of Blended Color on Lashes
Eyeliner pencil is suitable for application of these colors because it makes it easier for smuggling. Upon drawing the line, smuggling some little shadow with a finger is important in order to get the complete smudge effect.
4. Application of Light Color on the Base
The base is applied a light cream blended with dark hue for perfect elegantly smokey eye. A light shadow is swept on the lids to the brow bone of the eye.
5. Finish with Applying Mascara Coats
This is done to thicken the eye lashes and make them look darker. However, if the eye lashes are short and not curled, curling them is important for the make-up to look elegant.
Tips To Get Smokey Eyes
it is important to maintain lips nude. Put focus on either lips or eyes but not bot. however, if both are applied colors, one may look like a crown which is not elegant.
Elegantly soft gold smoky eyes are the best choice for women that make them look beautiful, younger and attractive.

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