Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall into these ten beauty ideas

Ever had trouble keeping up with the ever so changing fashions? Did you ever feel the second you participated with a new fad the next new trend was already making its arrival? Every season has their unspoken fashion do's and don'ts and quite frankly it's hard to keep up. Until now, I have here 10 new beauty ideas for Fall, that you will fall in love with. Fall is about a natural, soft, classy look you don't have to go above and beyond this fall to look as through you did.
1. Let your tweezers have a break. Only tweeze the strays and where necessary, and don't use a brow liner that's darker or the same shade 1 shade lighter it will give that natural look, anything else will look to harsh.
2. Painting your nails a olive or related color will match any skin tone and make fall colors pop, like navy plum. It will match the many different colors of leaves falling off the trees onto the ground.
3. If you haven't used mineral make-up falls the time to start. Mineral make-up will
work wonders this fall, not only does it provide nutrients for your skin, but it will leave your skin glowing and natural looking. You won't even be able to tell you have it on 4. Redo your hair-do, try something new, a short cut to the jawline will leave you with options this fall, whether you want it curly or straight it will look chic either way.
5. Get fat lashes. Upgrade your mascara brush, also, starting from the bottom of your lashes wiggle the brush back and forth as you make your way up the lash. You can also try an all-natural lash serum to help them grow.
6. Let that inner redhead run wild, it will warm up all different kinds of skin tones and also go with the colors of fall.
7. Rosy them cheeks. Try a rosy blush it will enhance that already natural look.
8. Let your hair down. Skip those tight, stiff up do's stick to something lose like a low sleek ponytail or just let it down.
9. Dramatic lips. If wearing lipstick go easy on eye makeup. Remember keep it classy this fall.
10. Try no make-up. This fall go completely natural. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and apparently in seasons too! Don't be afraid to try new things this fall, for there are many more than just this list of 10. Enjoy

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