Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Beautiful Black Smokey Eye

Black smokey eye makeup is one of the hottest trends around. How do they get that amazing affect? I'm going to lead you step by step through the process. By the time you're done reading this, the elusive smokey eye will be as easy as tying your shoe. A lot of companies have started selling the smokey eye kits that have basic directions. That is how I originally learned my smokey eye. I had a lot of trial and error because there's not a lot of room on that little piece of paper. After years of perfecting it, watching tutorials, and reading magazine articles, I'm going to share my success with you. You are going to need 4-5 eye shadow wands, 1 eye shadow brush for blending. You will also need white, black, dark gray, and a dark bluish gray eye shadow. I also recommend that you have q-tips and tissues in case you make a mistake.
Step 1- Start with the white as a base coat. Apply generously to your wand and to the corner of your eye that touches your nose and sweep outward. Let the color decrease in brightness the further it gets from your nose. Sometimes I even dab an extra bit of white just at the very corner part.
 Step 2-Once you have your white on, find the pointiest and thinnest eye shadow wand you have. Use the black color to outline the top and bottom of your eyes just like you would with eyeliner. For the bottom, your line needs to go underneath the eyelashes. You're going to have to experiment with how thick you like your black line. I use a thicker line in the evening and a thinner one in the daytime.
Step 3- Take your gray and go right over the white on your lid with a fresh wand. You should leave white at the very corner where your eye meets your nose. The white is going to brighten your eyes. Start just passed that white spot and sweep the gray over the lid. Apply enough so that you don't see the white anymore, it's just lightened the dark gray a bit.
Step 4-The next step is to get out your dark bluish gray color. You need to apply gently on your wand and highlight the crease of your eye with it. Go over the crease lightly. You will not need a lot when a blue tone is involved. If it's a little to dark, just wipe it off with a tissue and try again. You should now have white in the corner, black outlining your eyes, dark gray on your lids, and the dark bluish gray should be highlighting your crease.
Step 5-Now, you should take out your brush. Take your brush and lightly go over the whole eye, gently blending as you go. Tap your black with your brush, gently at first. Then blend lightly with the black. The first colors we applied are going to end up as the undertones to break up the black. Blend until you are satisfied. Add more black if you're not satisfied with the color. Optional steps- Finally, there are two optional steps. I always make sure and apply white to the corner again, because it can fade during the blending process. This white will really make your natural eye color seem brighter, so it's up to you. Then, sometimes I add a little glitter over the whole eye with a clean brush. I gently apply a black glitter eye shadow that blends in great. Silver works too. There you have it! You will have a gorgeous black smokey eye that everyone will compliment you on. These instructions will work for any color, just mix and match shades. Experiment with these methods and find your favorite look!

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