Monday, December 16, 2013

Break Out Of Your Style Rut - Bring Your Wardrobe To Live Again

Fashion boredom is something that happens to all women at least once per month, going through a style rut that makes them angry with all the garments they have worn to excess. Everything orbits around a vicious cycle: one day you love your new white button-up blouse and black pencil skirt, but the next day (or week)
you are completely sick of wearing them another day. Getting into a style rut is easy and very common, but breaking out of it is even simpler.

You do not need to reorganize your entire wardrobe just because one or two garments should not be there
anymore. By making some simple modifications and adding a few changes to the way you layer your garments, the style rut will be gone forever and your look will be fresh and feminine again!

Get back in colors
Reintroducing colors to your wardrobe is the first and most important step to make when trying to break out of a style rut. This winter, there are a lot of deep jewel shades around, which can transform a stale outfit into something new and never seen before. Bold burgundies, cobalt blue, forest green, they are all very good for the workforce and they can make an elegant outfit look more feminine and sophisticated than before, adding a hint of color to it. Embracing pastels is a good idea to break out of a style rut, but they will not last very much, given the fact that pastel colors have started to get a little deeper, as well.

Try to capitalize on two seasonal trends and layer a bright-color bralette with a sheer button-up blouse.
Adding a hint of color underneath the sheer blouse will be an excellent way to balance the colors and overall look of your outfit. The more layers, the deeper your outfit becomes, which is great during the winter, when it is pretty much difficult to find a good way not to look stale or old-fashioned.

Wear a vintage garment
Vintage and retro-inspired garments can be a great way to refresh your fashion style. Who says that 20's and a 70's are dated? On the contrary, they are now extremely fashionable and wearing a vintage garment is a good way to mix your outfit and make it original, yet novel. To stay on budget, choose one single vintage place to give your already existent garments a new and unexpectedly good twist.

It is simple: just go to a vintage store in your area, then buy a piece you would not normally wear, such as a flared printed skirt, which can be worn with flat shoes and a little white tank. The same skirt can be worn with heels and a blouse. Just take that piece and combine it with whatever you have already in your closet.

You can also pick a hat or, why not, a vintage bag, which can be successfully fitted with other garments and accessories in your wardrobe.

Pick a resistant and good pair of trousers
Trousers and jeans have multiple purposes, as you can make them casual, dressy, retro or modern based on the other garments you are wearing. It is true that you can simply take a pair of trousers and combine it with a button-up blouse to get that smart look, but you can take the same trousers and add a pretty camisole, and you have just obtained a great outfit for night. These outfits are very common during the summer: trousers, a little tank and sandals, which create a trendy look that can flatter every body type perfectly well.

Dressy pants can be great for both day and night, because you can easily wear them with a simple tank during the day and a fitted tee during the night. Always remember that versatile trousers are essential, because you can create a wider number of outfits around them.

Mix up your garments
Instead of shopping in local stores around, shop in your closet, where you will certainly find some garments you have never worn before, even though you have purchased them at a point. Mix up the garments you have never worn before to obtain a whole new outfit that will certainly look, if not great, then simply awesome. You will find many pairings that look very chic, such as a shift dress and a spiked choker. Ratty jeans and clubbing heels can go together perfectly, while a mini dress or sequined tonic will fit grandpa cardigan in a better way. Frequently, combing opposing pieces is every fashionista's secret to looking that impressively good, so you will only need to clean up your closet a little and be creative with what you already have.

Try new shoes
Sometimes, the shoes you are wearing have a strong influence over the way you look, so you can try to pick other styles instead of only one. If you are used to wedges, try flats; opt for flats if you are used to wearing heels; choose ballet flats if you are used to wearing sneakers; and pick a sandal if you live in boots. You never know what pairings you may like and, after all, bringing novelty to your style will always keep it fresh and good-looking. You do not have to buy a new pair of shoes weekly, because this would be anyway impossible in terms of budget. Just make sure to make some modifications from time to time to make sure that you will not get in a style rut.

Classy jewelry is the best
Every women should own at least one set of classy jewelry, which can be pearls, diamonds, silver of gold and have a good earring, bracelet and necklace set that can be worn when other accessories are inappropriate. If you just cannot afford such an investment, the jewelry does not have to be real - everything that looks good will work well, so avoid spending your money in a way that is not favorable for your budget. As long as you wear these jewelry pieces properly, with the above mentioned tips, you will look like a real fashionista.

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