Sunday, December 1, 2013

Easy Tips and ideas for long hair

In young adults between 25-40 years of age, short hair is a disgrace to them and they feel they are incomplete and unbeautiful.  In fact, less and short hair lowers their self esteem and confidence. They always go an extra mile to find ways to elongate their hair so as to appear attractive. They will even apply all types of concoction that they are advised wrongly that it would make their hair grow long. Below are ideas and steps that if they are followed with a little patience they will make a depressed girl smile again.

Application Of Hair Oil
Applying hair growth oil like coconut oil in the evening before going to bed and wash out on the following morning helps a big deal encouraging hair growth. It is highly suggested that you try out different types of oil until you find the suitable one for your hair.
Keep your hair and scalp once after two days is recommended. This will retain the sebum that is needed by your scalp and manes for fast hair growth.
You should have a routine physical exercise and a wash after. This will enable blood circulation to the whole body including your scalp. Therefore the scalp will obtain nutrients that promote hair growth.
Trim your hair regularly
They say that the hair grows from the root. That is true but hair should be trimmed to about a half an inch.
This will aid in getting rid of dry bristle that makes hair look thin and unattractive.
Take nutritional supplements
Beta carotene vitamins, biotin and vitamin E are nutrient that determines the hair growth. Therefore to avoid deficiency you should buy them as they are cheap. There supplements will boost the hair growth.
Feed on healthy diet
Eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary and fatty foods. A healthy diet ensures that all nutrients that are required for fast hair growth are available. In fact, a nice looking and healthy hair is seen as an indication for a healthy body. You should stop smoking and excessive alcohol intake.
Take General Hair Care
Cover your hair when going to bed and avoid excessive hair brushing. Too much of brushing tend to weaken hair at the roots. A hot bath also weakens hair follicles and may lead to hair loss, always take a cold or a lukewarm bath as this will promote hair growth. Use deep oil treatments this will promote hair growth.

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