Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to get him hooked to you?

Let's accept it! attention from men is really flattering. Surely we do not always dress up especially to attract
the opposite sex, but a little complement sure is a welcome. If you have been wondering what is it that makes
a man take note of a women at the first glance, then it is the beauty that wins hands down. It is simply hard to
resist something that comes across as naturally beautiful. Be it in your eyes, body, skin, hair or for that sake that sweet smile; it would never go unnoticed. It does not have to be overly highlighted to draw attention. So many times it comes across with a subtle tone that even you would not be aware of it. Many men said that it is the eyes that they feel most attracted to in a woman. There is a sense of mystery that is hard to define and that is what they feel mesmerized with. It is the physical beauty that works mostly for a man the first time he sees you. You don't have to drop-dad gorgeous so as to make him feel attracted to you. Just make sure you have take care of your physical attributes. Take time for regular visits to the salon. Nice hair-cut, manicured hands and nice body fragrance is hard to be missed by your man. It should be teamed with nice and crisp clothes and formal heeled shoes, in case it is formal office setting. Women who are confident with right accessories also make an impression. But that does not mean you should go over the board with it. Keep it simple and yet elegant and classy. If you happen to be dressing up for your man, it would be good once in a while to dress up as per your man's taste. This would make him feel special and he will always notice that extra effort that you have put in.

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