Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Look Stunning With Perfect Makeup for Your Lovely Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are beautiful - certified head-turners in fact. But sometimes, an extra doze of glamour can help
make them stand out and leave everyone around completely mesmerized. often, blue-eyed damsels are somewhat reluctant about donning on heavy makeup fearing that it will be little "over-the-top"; this is a
valid concern since blue eyes need subtle highlights - they are already quite striking to begin with. So the question then is, what is the best eye shadow for blue eyes that'll make them look stunning? Here are some easy-to-do makeup options that compliment blue eyes pretty well.

Keep It Simple
If you're a minimalist at heart and do not want anything to dramatic for your eyes, consider using a
one-tone eye shadow in a shade darker than your regular skin tone. If you are extremely fair, go in for a
peach-tinged, skin-colored eye shadow. For creamy or wheatish complexion, light-brown or dark-gold
eye shadow would work well. and with dusky complexion, dark-brown eye shadow will match perfectly. Also, remember that the eye shadow needs to be balanced with definition so either use mascara on the lashes or eyeliner+kohl or both of these to outline your eyes. Such simple makeup is great for a day look - skin-toned hues are the best eye shadow for blue eyes if your personal style is subtle and understand.

Play It Safe
Those of you blue-eyed beauties who want to make a statement with your makeup but do not prefer
anything too popping, play it safe with a well-done smokey-eye look. Smokey hues compliment all
eye-colors and are particularly flattering for blue, green and hazel eyes. Depending upon your skin-tone, you can go in for a brown or black smokey-eyed look, making it as subtle or intense as you want. For those having fair or creamy complexion, silver-black smokey-eyed makeup would look fabulous. Those having
wheatish or dusky complexion would do good with gold-brown smokey-eyes. The bottom-line is, if you want your eyes to pop but do not want to experiment much, the best eye shadow for blue eyes would be in the range of black and brown.

Go Crazy with Colors
If you're not averse to turning many heads with some popping eye makeup, go crazy using contrasting
colors on your upper eye-lid. The best eye shadow for blue eyes in popping shadows would definitely be from the neon range. Pinks, purples, greens and even yellow neon shades would look good would blue eyes.
Choose two colors, use the lighter on the inner-eye, darker on the outer-crease, blend well and voila! You
have yourself some bold, attention-grabbing makeup. If you're going all out with your eye makeup, It would
however be best to keep the rest of your look - lip color, clothes, accessories - simple and subtle.

What you need to keep in mind when searching and selecting the best eye shadow for blue eyes is that there is no one answer; what'll look good on you depends on your personal sense of style. The ideas mentioned above are nonetheless a good starting point - use these to find what works best for your lovely blue eyes and you'll certainly look gorgeous with the perfect makeup!

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