Friday, January 3, 2014

Make the best out of your wedding with this long lasting eye shadow arabian bridal makeup!

The wedding day is one of the most special occasions for any bride. It is a day that totally changes her life as she will be departing to her bridegroom's place by carrying her memories with her. On such a special event,
there will be many guests who will look up to such a wedding and therefore it is important that the bride is
dressed in the best way possible. The entire focus of the Arabian bridal makeup is mostly on the bride"s eyes
to make it as appealing and beautiful as possible.
In the following article, you to decorate your eyes and produce a long lasting eye shadow as part of the
traditional Arabian bridal makeup in seven easy steps.
The typical Arabian makeup is well known for its bright colors that is both vibrant and dramatic. This creates
more emphasis on the eyes. In most of the cases, people usually go for the smokey look as it gives a typical
Arabic look which uses eyeliners and kohi immensely.
Steps for long lasting eye shadow.
Selection of the colors:
When it comes to eye makeup, the right choice of colors is very important. The colors chosen should be both pearlescent and vibrant with a highlighter that best complements your skin tone.
If you are fair or  medium skin toned, it is best to choose silvery blends of shades. In case of dark skin tones, go for a golden blend of shade.
You will need:

  •  A concealer
  • Mascara
  • Eye Liner either Liquid or gel
  • Primer 
  • A shade for highlighting
  • A shade of light pink
  • A shade of purple
  • False lashes
Step 1: Use a liquid concealer which will last longer and cover all the bad areas of the eyes like the wrinkles,
dark circles.
Step 2: You can also use a primer to help the eye shadow makeup to last longer. Make sure you select good
color which will pay off in the long run and save you from all the creasing.
Step 3: First, take the light pink shade on the eye shadow brush. Apply this shade over the eye lids below the crease starting from the inner corner to the outer in such a manner that it appears winged. Finally, blend it
over the lid.
Step 4: For the second shade, take the purple color and apply it on the outer eyelid as you extend it below the pink shadow to create a good effect of a faint wing. You can make this shade intense so that it doesn't go inwards.
Step 5: Next, in order to create an effect of popping eyes, highlight the shade under the inner corner and the
brow bone.
Step 6: After this, line your eyes starting from the inner to the outer corner. This gives a beautiful almond
shape look to your eyes which appears extended from the outer corner. Thus, the outer corner is kept very
light with a pink shade and the inner is blended with the purple shade. The line of the lower lash can be lined
in order to keep it medium thick. This with highlight the eyes.
Step 7: Finally, you can clean out all the excess eye shadow and apply fake lashes or mascara for a beautiful Arabian bridal makeup finish.

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