Thursday, January 2, 2014

Make the best out of your wedding with this arabian bridal makeup!

The wedding day is one of the most special occasions for any bride. It is a day that totally changes her life as she will be departing to her bridegroom's place by carrying her memories with her. On such a special event,
there will be many guests who will look up-to such a wedding and therefore it is important that the bride is dressed in the best way possible.
After the eye makeup, the next part of the bride's face will be the lips, which is then followed by the
ornamentation of the head using various different hairstyles to make the bride as beautiful as possible. Next, the head is covered by a beautiful looking veil which will then reveal the face of the beautiful bride, as part of the traditional Arabian bridal makeup.
Before we proceed, firstly a base makeup is applied like the moisturizer to give a fresh look to the face, this
is then followed by a foundation and a concealer that is applied evenly on the face in the areas of the forehead, chin, cheeks, under the eyes and the eyelids.
Start off with the Eye Makeup

  • Firstly, the eyebrows are shaped with a pencil.
  • Add a little hairspray to the eye brows to put them in place if they are very dense.
  • Next, apply an eye shadow which goes well with the bridal attire. You can strategically choose three different colors for this purpose.
  • Finally, false eyelashes can be placed after applying the mascara.
The Lip Makeup
One of the second most appealing parts of the Arabian bridal makeup is the lips.

  • Firstly, make sure that the  lip is lined perfectly using a lip liner of deep color.
  • Next, fill in the lips with the most appropriate color that is different and brighter.
  • Finally, finish by applying gloss to provide a good and sensuous effect.
Makeup on the rest of the face
In order to provide a look of glamour, makeup on the face is as important as makeup on any other parts of the face.

  • Make sure that a rouge of stylish color is applied evenly on the forehead and the cheeks.
  • Occupy the rest of the forehead with a good piece of bridal jewelry.
Finish off with a good hair style
A nourished and silky hair gives maximum glow to the face. In order to give the best look to your hair:

  • Firstly, curl up your hair to from a bun. Let the loose curls frame either sides of the face. This will give it a finishing touch of softness.
  • In case of lower cheekbones, a traditional bun with few flicks near the ears will do the trick.
  • Use few good pieces of ornament on the hair for a good finishing touch.
For the hands and feet
Numerous Heena designs can be used to decorate the hands and feet as fabulously as possible.
You can find many tips on Arabaian bridal makeup in order to make the best out of your wedding day, so
make sure you are dressed up as sensually as possible to make your moment one of the best moments.

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