Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Makeup: The Best Way to Apply Eyeshadow

The best way to apply eye shadow to your eyes by yourself to successfully create a desired makeup look is dependent on two things: the style of makeup you want to achieve, and some basic, fundamental knowledge
of eye shadow in general.
1. Primer
To begin with, an eye shadow primer (a.k.a. eye shadow base) will make all the difference. Though your
average concealer with a sticky consistency work for this, investing some money into Urban Decay'S
Primer Potion or Too Faced's Shadow Insurance will greatly improve not only how long your shadow will last, but the potency and brightness of the colors, and will also prevent the shadows from creasing throughout the day. Once you have applied a swipe of primer across your eye (extending towards the brow bone and a little under your eye if you choose to apply makeup on your bottom lash line as well), you can begin working with the eye shadows.
2. Highlighting
Start by applying a light, shimmery white (or creamy) shade right under your brows and around your tearduct
to highlight said areas and bring in more light, thereby giving the appearance of more open eyes.
3. Light colors
By applying your eye shadows from lightest to darkest, you will get cleaner colors and more control over over how you want your look to be. Extend a light, neutral tone across all of your eyelid as this will help you blend other eye shadows with one another more easily.
4. Medium Tones
Don't jump right into the dark colors! Creating depth will add sophistication to your look and allow you to build and add colors as you go, so you can do small fixes if you mess up. Apply a medium, preferably matte
shade to the creases of your eyes in either a gentle, horizontal sweeping motion or onto the outer one-third
of your eyelid. When you get to this step, you will appreciate the first layer you applied of neutral, light
eye shadow all over your eyelid, as it facilitates the blending process.
5. Dark Colors
The way in which you apply dark shades will determine the shape and size of your eyes. Though ling your
eyes with your dark eye shadow will create the appearance of a thicker lash line, black and similar dark colors should be applied sparingly. Apply darker shadows in dabs in the outer creases of your eyes (or in the general crease, if you prefer to add depth) and then use a fluffed brush to blend the color in a circular motion. It is best to use a brush that you have not used yet, to prevent colors from mixing. If you choose to be a little
more artsy with your look, take your dark shadow and do two things: apply it in the crease of your eye, and
then sweep the color down at the edge, making a c-shape from the crease towards the outer corners.
However, keep in mind that closing off the outer edges of your eyes with dark eye shadows will make your
eyes look smaller. As an extra step, you may want to sweep the excess, remaining shadows from your brush near your lower lash line for more intense look.

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