Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shimmery Eyes Tutorial

Shimmery Eyes are a big part of  fashion right now. It is very easy to find at your local drug store, grocery
store, discount stores, and so on. Once you pick out the shimmery eye color you like, what do you do with it
to get that fabulous look? Well its simple and I will explain it to you in simple easy to follow instructions on a
way to apply the clear shimmer. Fist, you want to clean your face and make sure all the residue from the
make up you were wearing before is gone. Then grab your normal everyday eye shadow and apply it like you usually do. This is a base coat for you to build your shimmer eyes with. Use a small brush to apply the
shimmer. Carefully dip the very tip of the brush in it and gently blow on it, like you would hot food, to get all
the extra off. Next you sweep the brush under your eye brow right where the arch is. This will give you a great highlight that will show off your eye brows. Do the same exact thing to your other eye. Once again dip the eye shadow brush in the shimmery eyes again and make sure you always blow the extra shimmer off other wise it will cake up. Last but not least you tap the brush on the inner corner of your eye once. This
step gives you a slight hint of shimmer to your eyes. Repeat with your other eye. Now remember this is only one idea that you can do with a clear color of shimmery eyes. There are real fun ways to apply shimmery eyes with two different colors as well. First you pick out your two colors of shimmery eyes. You'll need to start with the lighter color first. Apply this color from top eyelashes up to the brow line. Next you can take the darker color and place a line of that in the crease of your eye when it is open. Another way could be to take the lighter color and go from a little further away from the eyelashes, to the brow line and take the darker color and apply it right along the eye lashes. This gives you a brighter, bolder look hope you got a few ideas for your shimmery eyes let me just leave you with a few more ideas. You can always follow the top of your eyelid with one small line of the shimmery across the lid. This will give you more bolder look. Also if you want a dramatic look you could cover your whole eyelid with shimmer and a dark eye shadow.
There are tons of colors when it comes to shimmery eyes. You can also apply the color shimmer with or without your daily eye shadow. If you were to put white eye shadow on before the shimmery eyes in lets say a dark purple, it will then become a lighter purple. Its the same idea when you add a black, grey, or charcoal color to the shimmer it will turn darker. Also don't forget that you can use more then one or two colors. whatever your eye color is and your ideas make it unique and vibrant or smart and sophisticated. Just remember to have fun with it.

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