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Fresh, glowing skin- 5 mistakes that make it dull.

A bride's Key points of worry are hair and makeup on her big day. When it comes to Asian brides, they try to keep it simple and elegant. Basically, Asian people have dark eyes and dark hair. The trick to pull off a great look is to keep it minimal and simple. Hair and makeup can make a person look best self even though confidence and clear skin also help a lot.
When it comes to wedding and preparing for big day, taking care of yourself and keeping your skin fresh, glowing and avoiding that five mistakes that make it dull is that matters. Try and get enough sleep and drink plenty of water which is good for getting pimple free glowing skin. Get some exercise and try and relax so that you do not look tired and stressed out on your big day. Go for the bridal packages that several
spas and salons offer. It will help you in getting a natural glow on your face and you can look good without adorning much makeup.
Asian brides generally prefer long flowing styles when it comes to choosing wedding dresses. They look
classy and go perfectly with their slender frames. The hair styles that look good include braids and curls.

  • Start the hair and makeup perpetration by trying out several hair styles and pick one that goes with your dress and face.
  • Clean your face with a cleanser and make sure your hair is clean. Use a conditioner or hair mask to tame frizz and make your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Go for cascading and flowing curls which are bound by braids. You can even wear a hairband made of your braided hair that gives a very fresh and new appeal.
  • Try adding curls around the face if your face is lean.
  • Make sure the hair is not too messy.
  • Use hair spray to set the curls and braids.
  • If you want to wear your hair up, go for a smart bun.
  • A beach wedding calls for a messy bun.
  • Add hair accessories like flowers, pearls, pins, beads, etc if you want a more casual look.
  • You can even go for a french twist that will look elegant and chic.
  • Make up starts with a clean face. Apply a layer of moisturizer so that your face looks soft and supple. Also. your make up will last longer.
  • Apply a makeup primer that goes with your skin. Apply concealer on your dark circles and spots or marks on your face.
  • Apply a powder based foundation if you have oily skin or an oil based one if you have dry skin. Dab on some translucent powder to set your makeup.
  • Typical Asian people have small eyes. So, it is best to try and highlight them and make them appear bigger. Try using white eyeliner on the water line. This can make your eyes seem bigger.
  • Go for brown mascara as that can open up your eyes. Try lighter shades of eye shadow and blend perfectly. try and create a sense of depth by adding a darker color at the crease. Blend everything perfectly.
  • Skip eyeliner if you want a natural look. Go for some kohl or add a dash of pencil eyeliner so that your eyes look defined.
  • Add some shimmer of highlighter at the brow bone to enhance your look.
  • Next, you have to highlight the nose. Take a shade or eye shadow that is a shade or two darker than your skin and apply it on both sides of the bridge of your nose. Blend perfectly so that there are no distinct lines.
  • You can apply some peach or pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Finish off by a lip color of your choice. Go for lighter shades if you want a laid back and elegant feel. Go for darker shades to reveal the gorgeous diva in you.
  • Make sure you highlight only one part of your face, either your eye or your lips. Keep your make up kit handy so that you can touch up when required. Use waterproof eye makeup.
Hair and makeup can add to your inner beauty and make you feel confident and beautiful. Make sure you
sport a style that goes well with your personality and in order to get fresh, glowing skin, you avoid the five mistakes that can make your skin look dull.

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