Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eva Longoria

Friday, October 25, 2013

Beauty tips for your hair and Makeup

We need a perfect look each and every day or in fact each and every minute and for all this we keeping on
switching from one hair style to another and with new makeup trends. A retro look is back in fashion, which is retro yet modern. You can roll your hair to make a bun and accessorize them with a matching stole or a clutch on. a few layers of streaks in red or golden color can do wonders at the time. To match up you can also do the basic makeup like a paint shadow on the eyebrows with an intense dark lip color which will give you a golden era look. Apart from this retro look, different hair color streaks with a well matched nail arts can do wonders when coming to newest fashion mania in youngsters.

Shoulder length hair and even short hair are also making waves in the fashion world. They look good and elegant and at the same time stylish. It all depends on the clothes you are wearing and the perfect sober makeup to match it. some prefer wacky koth makeup also which gives a very vibrant look if matched up with wavy hair. Lanky and shiny hair with nude makeup teamed up with smoky eyes can also do wonders for you and your style.
Another type of hair color which is making raves in the fashion circles these days and are a craze among the youngsters is the chocolate brown hair color which you can find among kids also specially star kids who are
seen every where sporting this color which suits hair of all length.
More super hair and makeup trends!
You can have a chocolate color streaks and pair them up with darker chocolate shade of brown make up to look beautiful and young forever. All you have to do is explore various options on net or you can hire a professional stylist to give you a make over and experience a change as change is always better and for the better.

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