Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Treat Acne Caused by Dry Skin

It is true that acne problems are mainly due to clogged pores and excessive oil. However, the root cause of the problem is the improper use of cosmetic products, bacterial growth, unhealthy diet and stress. But apart from these, another cause of acne is dry skin. Dry and flaky skin may result to acne breakout once it begins sloughing off and clogging the pores. In addition to that, most acne treatments available in the market can also cause the skin to become dry, thus worsening the acne problem. To prevent this from happening, here are some effective treatments for acne caused by dry skin:


Some people believe that acne problems worsen due to the use of moisturizers. However, you should know that this is just a myth and this is not true. Most medications available for acne problems contain various ingredients such as Retin A and Benzoyl Peroxide, which can really dry the skin. In order to maintain the proper moisture on the skin, you should find a moisturizer that is made especially for dry skin. For this purpose, make sure to find a moisturizer that is gel-based to make sure that it can keep the skin hydrated. You also need to make sure that it is non-comedogenic so that it will not clog the pores. When applying the moisturizer, using a pump applicator might be necessary instead of using your fingers to prevent the bacteria from transferring from your fingers to your face.

Facial Exfoliators and Cleansers

In order to treat acne due to dry skin, it is necessary to use cleansers and exfoliators that are oil-free instead of soaps that may contain harmful chemicals that can worsen the problem. To eliminate dry and flaky skin, make sure to use the cleanser at least twice daily. Also, make sure that you avoid using products that contain high amounts of salicylic acids, as it can worsen the dryness of the skin. Exfoliators, on the other hand, are helpful in eliminating dead skin and preventing them from sloughing off, thus preventing the pores from being clogged.


Staying out in the sun for a long period of time can also worsen dry skin. To prevent such thing from happening, make sure that you apply sunscreen on your face before going out, as it can help keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. Apart from that, it can also protect the face against the harmful effects of UV rays. Then again, make sure that your sunscreen is oil-free to prevent acne problems from worsening.

Certain Lifestyle Changes

There are some lifestyle changes that you might need to in order to alleviate the condition. For one, you must drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated and to flush out harmful toxins. Drinking 8 to10 glasses of water can already provide great results against acne problems due to dry skin. Following a healthy diet is also helpful against the condition. Make sure that your diet contains organic products to keep the skin healthy. Regular exercise is also helpful, as it can improve blood and oxygen circulation, thus preventing the skin from drying.

However, in case the acne condition keeps worsening despite using the products or following the changes mentioned here, it would be best to consult a dermatologist instead. These are effective treatments for acne caused by dry skin but it might not provide any positive effects if the root cause of the problem is not dry skin. Checking with a dermatologist, on the other hand, can help determine what is causing the problem and recommend the best treatment for it.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

10 Tips on Bridal Makeup

A lot of areas to consider when going to handle a marriage. One of the extremely important will be the bridal
Make up foundation. Bridal make up is essential because it'll make the actual bride seem beautiful in addition to elegant. And in this article I will give you some points in carrying out bridal make-up.

I gives these tricks to you to enable you to figure out a good way of carrying out bridal make-up. Here are
generally 10 Tips about Bridal Make-up foundation:

1. Before your wedding, make sure you've your tryout from a few weeks to help five several weeks. Provided you move when it comes to utilizing phony tan for your big morning, have a new test run
shortly afterwards your make-up trial simply put craftsman can see what color skin gets to be with the actual tan.

2. Wear a new white shirt in case you're your make-up test inside a store so you can perceive the way the
make-up appears to be against a new pale color and have a picture regarding yourself in sunlight  (with simply no blaze) to help perceive the way it looks before you buy everything.

3. Underscore the eyes by smoking cigarettes any dimness beneath them using corrector in addition to concealer.

4. Carry references for your make-up tryout. Begin searching for pictures regarding make-up you truly such
as and hold them to you on manufactured.

5. Recollect which bridal make-up necessities to have enough color to adjust for the actual whiteness from
the dress. There is a big variation between every single day clothes plus a wedding attire, so there must be
contrast with your make-up, also. Being through verifying skin looks also and even , and there after add color for your cheeks in addition to lips to give them a new glow.

6. Use different eyelashes - they're a marvelous approach to create your eyes stick out and look much more
inconspicuous over a full strip. Try with regard to differing lengths to produce a truly typical fluttery seem and decide them in the heart of your natural in lieu of fixing them on top.

7. Keep focus on the most paramount the different parts of your seem, for case in point, perfectly typical
looking skin color, delicately prepared foreheads in addition to padded lashes. In the presentation that you will get these essential components prepared foreheads in addition to padded lashes. In the presentation that you will get these essential components proper whatever is actually left of the make-up will fall under spot.

8. Research supply systems when they may compare marginally out of your ordinary make-up routine. Case
in point, provided that you would like to line which has a shadow, make it keep intending longer by utilizing it
which has a somewhat clammy eyeliner comb.

9. Get professional. The best wedding make-up might keep intending inasmuch since you do therefore I
adore M-a-c's Prolong-wear selection which features establishments, concealers, lip in addition to eye items
that furnish outstanding wear that may see an individual through the wedding nighttime and daytime.

10. Finalize the make-up off which has a highlighter shade on the brow-bone to create the sight truly place.
Try for just a light matte color, and terry onto the actual external corner from the temples navicular bone so unpretentiously appeal to regard with this zone of the face.

That is the 10 Tips about Bridal Make-up to create the star of the wedding look beautiful and sophisticated.
And I give you thanks for examining My article.

Easy tips on how to apply liquid foundation

Who doesn't love make up? Talking about girls, it’s more like a part and the parcel which they use almost everywhere. It seems that these days, a dramatic kind of makeup is more in demand. This season, its liquid foundation which has grabbed attention of many people. There is one trick which you must be familiar with. Once you understand it, you can experiment with your skin by giving different color effects. Suppose for a causal grey effect, using lighter shade is perfect while dark shade looks good one people who have fair tone. Today we will learn how to apply liquid foundation and look fashionable.
Smokey eyes is a classic party eye makeup which certainly gives a new look to your face and make you a stylish diva. However, to get the right kind of style, you need to master the blending and applications technique so that you can apply it anywhere in fraction of minutes. Once you start doing it in a right way, you will certainly notice an irresistible-looking eyes
Easy steps that you should follow:
Choose the Right Color: To start with it, you need at least two different powder colors of eye shadow and black eye pencil for highlighting. For a Smokey effect you must also carry a dark mascara.
Blending Matters the most: Before you begin with such style of makeup always keep in mind that proper blending is necessary. Use colors in such a way that they should complement each other. An easy tip to follow would be pairing light base color with rich dark color looks good.
Do the Lining: Once you have all things ready in your hand, sit in front of the mirror and start with the process. Line up the top and bottom of your yes in a careful manner with a black or brown liners whichever shade you find good. You need to then soften the lines and thus give a smudging effect with the help of a your finger tip
Apply the Shadow: Take a small brush and apply the matte brown eye shadow on bottom and top of your yes. Make sure the blending is done in a right way and towards the direction of the crease. Try to get the brown color which is similar to chocolate or coca color. Come what may don’t go for pink or red toned blown color as it will mess up your complete make up.
Dust the Eyelids: Now the next task is to dust the eyelids. For this, get a light color and ply it on your eyelid with the makeup brush. For dusting, you can always choose shimmery shadow which looks the best. The shade in gold or bronze will be perfectly fine.
It’s Time to give Volume: No makeup can look good unless you volume it. For this, you must apply the waterproof mascara of your eyelashes. The color should be either black brown or completely black. Make sure it matches with the lines that you have used. One the primary coat of mascara gets dried up, you then again have to apply another coat but this time only of the lashes.
To highlight your black brown Smokey eyes make up, use some soft share on your cheeks and lips. With nude and soft shades, nothing can compete with the dramatic eyes.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Shimmering Turquoise statement Eye liner Tutorial dramatic eye makeup

Shimmering turquoise statement eye liner dramatic eye makeup is definitely one of the best looks for a crazy night out partying. Turquoise is a rather bold color and with the added shimmer it will make any girl stand out .Most girls believe that this make up is only for the fair skinned,however they could not be further away from the truth it can work for any skin color ,the ultimate secret to get a hot ,sexy and smoldering shimmering turquoise statement eye liner eye is technique.
The first step like in any eye make up to achieve a great shimmering turquoise eye you should invest in a primer.Eyeshadow or pencil color more often than not disappear,fade or smudge a few hours after application.Primers reduce the amount of oil on your skin making your eyeshadow last longer and appear more vibrant. Primers generally dry quickly 10 to 15 seconds should be enough time to apply the primer, work your way down starting at your brow bone gently descending to your lower eyelid.
The second step once done with the primer is to select a neutral color from your color palette this is also referred to as a bridge color it acts as a go between the visual contrast of moving from light to dark.Use a normal make up brush to apply this color with the same motions starting at the brow bone working your way down.The most important aspect of this application is to ensure that the color is well blended.
The third step now is to apply your turquoise color . To ensure the best application of this color use a turqoise waterproof liner pencil. Slowly blink your eye a line will form on your skin just above your eyelid this is known as a crease.You should start by tracing a line over your lash band and thereafter generously apply the color on your entire lid finishing of slightly above your crease just ensure the application is done evenly and the darkness desired is achieved.
The fourth step works to fully accentuate your facial features apply a nude color generously on your brow bone start at the bottom of your brow slowly fanning up to the top of your brow.Remember that the color is strictly nude in order to to complement your skin color as well as your eyes.
To finish of the look get a black liquid liner or a pencil and and trace a line carefully over your lower waterline slowly up to your tear duct. .This helps to make your eye look wider and more radiating. After this always remember to blend any pencil application with a cotton bud to reduce any heaviness .Then grab a smudge brush and slowly smudge your liner into the shadow.Ensure you curl off your lashes with a thick application of mascara two coats should be enough.
If all the above steps are followed to precision voilĂ  you will have your Shimmering Turquoise statement Eye liner dramatic eye makeup. , just remember keep your lips simple as you want all the focus to be on your eyes.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Beautiful Black Smokey Eye

Black smokey eye makeup is one of the hottest trends around. How do they get that amazing affect? I'm going to lead you step by step through the process. By the time you're done reading this, the elusive smokey eye will be as easy as tying your shoe. A lot of companies have started selling the smokey eye kits that have basic directions. That is how I originally learned my smokey eye. I had a lot of trial and error because there's not a lot of room on that little piece of paper. After years of perfecting it, watching tutorials, and reading magazine articles, I'm going to share my success with you. You are going to need 4-5 eye shadow wands, 1 eye shadow brush for blending. You will also need white, black, dark gray, and a dark bluish gray eye shadow. I also recommend that you have q-tips and tissues in case you make a mistake.
Step 1- Start with the white as a base coat. Apply generously to your wand and to the corner of your eye that touches your nose and sweep outward. Let the color decrease in brightness the further it gets from your nose. Sometimes I even dab an extra bit of white just at the very corner part.
 Step 2-Once you have your white on, find the pointiest and thinnest eye shadow wand you have. Use the black color to outline the top and bottom of your eyes just like you would with eyeliner. For the bottom, your line needs to go underneath the eyelashes. You're going to have to experiment with how thick you like your black line. I use a thicker line in the evening and a thinner one in the daytime.
Step 3- Take your gray and go right over the white on your lid with a fresh wand. You should leave white at the very corner where your eye meets your nose. The white is going to brighten your eyes. Start just passed that white spot and sweep the gray over the lid. Apply enough so that you don't see the white anymore, it's just lightened the dark gray a bit.
Step 4-The next step is to get out your dark bluish gray color. You need to apply gently on your wand and highlight the crease of your eye with it. Go over the crease lightly. You will not need a lot when a blue tone is involved. If it's a little to dark, just wipe it off with a tissue and try again. You should now have white in the corner, black outlining your eyes, dark gray on your lids, and the dark bluish gray should be highlighting your crease.
Step 5-Now, you should take out your brush. Take your brush and lightly go over the whole eye, gently blending as you go. Tap your black with your brush, gently at first. Then blend lightly with the black. The first colors we applied are going to end up as the undertones to break up the black. Blend until you are satisfied. Add more black if you're not satisfied with the color. Optional steps- Finally, there are two optional steps. I always make sure and apply white to the corner again, because it can fade during the blending process. This white will really make your natural eye color seem brighter, so it's up to you. Then, sometimes I add a little glitter over the whole eye with a clean brush. I gently apply a black glitter eye shadow that blends in great. Silver works too. There you have it! You will have a gorgeous black smokey eye that everyone will compliment you on. These instructions will work for any color, just mix and match shades. Experiment with these methods and find your favorite look!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fashion Styles For Women - Be A Real Fashionista, Surprise the World

Women love being stylish and dressing after the latest trends, but whether we want it or not, fashion industry
is difficult to understand. With so many fashion styles out there, it is pretty complicated to choose the one
that suits you best, which is why you have to experience new styles all the time in order to determine the one
that will highlight your best physical qualities and will make you look just like a fashion diva. Just be honest, it is fun and exciting to buy garments and spend your time in fashion stores, but this is useless as long as you do not know what fashion style is the best for you.

Here are some tips to consider, so that you can have expert advice every step of the way. Watch your sizes and make sure to choose only those garments that fits your body like a glove!

Be classy - Women can choose to be classy if other fashion styles seem inappropriate or they simply want to be elegant, yet feminine for going to work or, why not, to school. However, do not imagine "classy" as wearing long dresses or elegant taffeta costumes, because that really is not true. You may choose to bring some chic Parisian flair to your outfit by choosing decent dresses that do not exceed your knees in length, with vintage colors like purple, pink-orange or turquoise, wide or small hats, pencil-thin heels and, of course, a small clutch to keep all your essentials inside. This would be the classy Parisian flair, which will make you every feminine and "old-fashioned," but in a way that is actually fashionable.

However, you can be classy by adopting the never dying Viennese fashion outfits, which can surprise through their feminine simplicity. You can take Pippa Middleton's example and wear a black, to-the-knee dress, a
white belt around your waist, a white, thin sweater over the dress, black, to-the-knee dress, a white belt around your waist, a white, thin sweater over the dress, black silk stockings and a pair of pretty ballet-like shoes, which will make you look impressively and become the most novel presence among others
around you. A large handbag will be good, but try to choose a color that is not included in your outfit, like light brown.

Be glamorous - Most young women prefer glamour rather than elegance, but that is not bad given the fact that most garments look so incredibly feminine and fresh. Glamour girls wear feminine clothing, romantic frilly, frequently satin, as well as soft make-up colors, such as lavender or pale pink. Velvet, lace and ruffles
can be your best friends if you like glamour style and you want to look better than ever before - remember just one very important aspect: you cannot have them all in one single outfit. In other words, wear strictly lace, velvet or ruffles at one time, otherwise you will approach a haute couture fashion style, which cannot be normally worn by women due to its exaggerate details.

How can you be a glamour girl as well? It is not very difficult as long as you have some garments with floral
motifs in your wardrobe. Skirts with ruffles are very suited and you might choose jeans jacket in order to
complement your outfit in a simple and romantic way. Light-colored garments are exactly the ones you need
for adopting the fashion style you like, but avoid black or other colors that might make you look older than you really are. With assorted sandals and a big handbag, you can call yourself a glamorous girl with feminine
"accents." Avoid persistent make-up and flashy colors - they destroy that simple look of yours!

Be trendy - You can never be too trendy, right? Be bold, daring, fearless, confident and carefree for an
excellent look that will surprise everyone around you. Bold burgundies, autumnal yellows and brown suit you best, especially if you opt for short, black dresses, knee-high leather boots and a brown, simple handbag.
Choose your outfits carefully, especially if you plan to include some unusual patterns within it.

You may highlight your waist by adding a belt around it, preferably one that has a similar color to one of your garments. Jeans can be also incredibly fitted, but opt for skinny ones and be careful when opting for them. Be trendy with Mollie King's sailor style, which involves wearing red skinny jeans, a navy blue topper and brown boots, along with a matching clutch and that feminine flair that has always surprised the world. This style is awesome if you are slim and tall enough, otherwise the effect will not be the same.

Olivia Palermo's utility jacket can also be a nice option, especially if you only plan to hang out with your
friends and you want to avoid spending too much time choosing your outfit. Also, a pair of indigo skinny
jeans and a heather grey sweater should be really great, particularly if you combine it with a large tote.
Simple leather boots are the best, but pump shoes can be suited as well, from your workplace to restaurants and back again.

Accessories, accessories and accessories
Women cannot live without them, as their primary role is improving their look by adding some style to their
outfit. Accessories are great if you know how to wear them correctly - for instance, you cannot wear both a bracelet and a ring at one time because you risk being too "indecent." Haute couture accessories are popular
now, so whatever you do, stick to whatever is bigger - big pendants, big bracelets, big earrings, big belts, etc.

Remember that your accessories need to complement your outfit and not the other way around! You wear
clothes first of all, then you put on the accessories and go. Opt for small necklaces only when you wear
elegant or very sophisticated dresses and tiny bracelets can also be great in this regard. Either way,
accessories are only a manner to make your outfit look stylish, so making excesses is always bad. Fit them
with your shoes or bag, especially because this will make your outfit more balanced and will ensure you the look you have been dreaming about.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Break Out Of Your Style Rut - Bring Your Wardrobe To Live Again

Fashion boredom is something that happens to all women at least once per month, going through a style rut that makes them angry with all the garments they have worn to excess. Everything orbits around a vicious cycle: one day you love your new white button-up blouse and black pencil skirt, but the next day (or week)
you are completely sick of wearing them another day. Getting into a style rut is easy and very common, but breaking out of it is even simpler.

You do not need to reorganize your entire wardrobe just because one or two garments should not be there
anymore. By making some simple modifications and adding a few changes to the way you layer your garments, the style rut will be gone forever and your look will be fresh and feminine again!

Get back in colors
Reintroducing colors to your wardrobe is the first and most important step to make when trying to break out of a style rut. This winter, there are a lot of deep jewel shades around, which can transform a stale outfit into something new and never seen before. Bold burgundies, cobalt blue, forest green, they are all very good for the workforce and they can make an elegant outfit look more feminine and sophisticated than before, adding a hint of color to it. Embracing pastels is a good idea to break out of a style rut, but they will not last very much, given the fact that pastel colors have started to get a little deeper, as well.

Try to capitalize on two seasonal trends and layer a bright-color bralette with a sheer button-up blouse.
Adding a hint of color underneath the sheer blouse will be an excellent way to balance the colors and overall look of your outfit. The more layers, the deeper your outfit becomes, which is great during the winter, when it is pretty much difficult to find a good way not to look stale or old-fashioned.

Wear a vintage garment
Vintage and retro-inspired garments can be a great way to refresh your fashion style. Who says that 20's and a 70's are dated? On the contrary, they are now extremely fashionable and wearing a vintage garment is a good way to mix your outfit and make it original, yet novel. To stay on budget, choose one single vintage place to give your already existent garments a new and unexpectedly good twist.

It is simple: just go to a vintage store in your area, then buy a piece you would not normally wear, such as a flared printed skirt, which can be worn with flat shoes and a little white tank. The same skirt can be worn with heels and a blouse. Just take that piece and combine it with whatever you have already in your closet.

You can also pick a hat or, why not, a vintage bag, which can be successfully fitted with other garments and accessories in your wardrobe.

Pick a resistant and good pair of trousers
Trousers and jeans have multiple purposes, as you can make them casual, dressy, retro or modern based on the other garments you are wearing. It is true that you can simply take a pair of trousers and combine it with a button-up blouse to get that smart look, but you can take the same trousers and add a pretty camisole, and you have just obtained a great outfit for night. These outfits are very common during the summer: trousers, a little tank and sandals, which create a trendy look that can flatter every body type perfectly well.

Dressy pants can be great for both day and night, because you can easily wear them with a simple tank during the day and a fitted tee during the night. Always remember that versatile trousers are essential, because you can create a wider number of outfits around them.

Mix up your garments
Instead of shopping in local stores around, shop in your closet, where you will certainly find some garments you have never worn before, even though you have purchased them at a point. Mix up the garments you have never worn before to obtain a whole new outfit that will certainly look, if not great, then simply awesome. You will find many pairings that look very chic, such as a shift dress and a spiked choker. Ratty jeans and clubbing heels can go together perfectly, while a mini dress or sequined tonic will fit grandpa cardigan in a better way. Frequently, combing opposing pieces is every fashionista's secret to looking that impressively good, so you will only need to clean up your closet a little and be creative with what you already have.

Try new shoes
Sometimes, the shoes you are wearing have a strong influence over the way you look, so you can try to pick other styles instead of only one. If you are used to wedges, try flats; opt for flats if you are used to wearing heels; choose ballet flats if you are used to wearing sneakers; and pick a sandal if you live in boots. You never know what pairings you may like and, after all, bringing novelty to your style will always keep it fresh and good-looking. You do not have to buy a new pair of shoes weekly, because this would be anyway impossible in terms of budget. Just make sure to make some modifications from time to time to make sure that you will not get in a style rut.

Classy jewelry is the best
Every women should own at least one set of classy jewelry, which can be pearls, diamonds, silver of gold and have a good earring, bracelet and necklace set that can be worn when other accessories are inappropriate. If you just cannot afford such an investment, the jewelry does not have to be real - everything that looks good will work well, so avoid spending your money in a way that is not favorable for your budget. As long as you wear these jewelry pieces properly, with the above mentioned tips, you will look like a real fashionista.

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

What is the Best Eyeshadow Color for Dark Brown Eyes?

If you consider your eyes as your most distinct facial feature then it is only natural to give more emphasis to it. For some women, finding the right eye shadow is considered as the best way to enhance the beauty of their eyes. However, most women believe that to be able to do this, you need to find the right shade of eye shadow that will match the color of your eyes. For example, what is the best eye shadow color for dark brown eyes? So assuming you do have dark brown eyes, first thing you need to know is that there are various color options available for you. Then again, you should also consider your skin complexion when picking an eye shadow. You need to make sure that the eye shadow you opt for cannot just enhance your dark brown eyes, but it should also complement your complexion.

Eye-shadow Color Options for Dark Brown Eyes
For your dark brown eyes, the best color options are the following:

  • Purple: purple is considered as one of the best options for those with dark brown eyes, more so if you have an olive skin tone. This shade is chosen by lots of women with dark brown eyes, as it does not complement olive skin tone alone, but it goes well with other skin tones as well. Then again, remember that dark shades of purple should be avoided and opting for light to medium shades is the best choice. Purple can also be combined with gray for better results.
  • Brown: eye shadow with brown shade are also great for dark brown eyes. The best option though would be light to medium shades to give more emphasis on the dark shade of the eyes lens.
  • Gray: gray eye shadow is great for dark brown eyes, especially if you want to achieve a smoky look. Dark to medium shades of gray are considered the best for such eyes color, but lighter shades of gray can also give great results.
  • Other Color Options: pink and gold are also great for dark brown eyes. Other colors that can be used for such eye color are blue and green shades of eye shadows. However, you might want to experiment first with blue or green eye shadow to see which shade can provide you your desired result.
Eye shadow Tips for Dark Eyes
How you apply your eye shadow can also provide better results in terms of giving emphasis to your dark
brown eyes. For that, here are some tips on how you should apply your eye shadow to enhance the color of your eyes and make it even more beautiful:

  • If you want a natural look for your eyes, lighter shadows are your best bet. Darker shades, on the other hand, should be opted for if you want to add dramatic effects to your eyes.
  • If you are after a natural look, there are various color options available for you. Aside from the ones already mentioned above, you can also experiment and try light pink, peach, champagne and taupe.
  • In case you want your eyes to look brighter, you can do so by opting for pink eye shadows. You can also opt for other colors with shimmer to achieve the same effect.
  • Smoky effects on dark brown eyes can be achieved by using a gray eye shadow along with gray eyeliner.
  • When applying light shadows, make sure to start from your eye lashes up to your eye brow for more emphasis on your eye color.
  • If you are looking for something simple and quick, you can also opt for pastel eye shadow colors with shimmer. Go for eye liner with a dark shade but this should be applied on your upper lid only. You can also add brown or dark gray mascara for a simpler yet very appealing look.
  • To give more emphasis to your eyes, tone down the shades on the rest of your makeup. To do this, opt for neutral shades for your checks and lips.
Remember that when it comes to eye shadow colors, you have various options available for you. To determine which among these will best suit the result you are aiming for make sure that you do not hesitate to experiment before making an actual application. You can also try applying the eye shadow along with your cheek and lip makeup to see how you can enhance your dark brown eyes better.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

5 Foods To eat For Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin is a reflection of your health. In spite of using highly priced creams and serums most people fail to get perfectly glowing and younger looking skin. Though some skin care companies claim of great results and urge you to buy their products, beauty is something simper and some minor changes in your diet may provide you with gorgeous looking radiant skin. Here is a list of 5 foods to eat for a beautiful skin:

1. Tomatoes
Eating tomatoes with your food may help in combating acne as well as provide a clear skin. An active ingredient "Lycopene" lowers the level of acne promoting hormone thereby reducing its occurrence. It is due to lycopene which provides red color to the tomato. Apart from this it also protects the skin from UV (Ultra violet) rays of sun. Carotenoids present in tomatoes provide a boost of antioxidant to your skin which aids in fighting free radicals that are generated by sun rays. In this way including tomatoes in your food in form of sauce or juice at least 3 times a week may keep your skin in good form.

2. Seafood
We all have heard about the benefits of eating fish. Besides providing a balanced nutrition to the body, fish are good for your skin too. Especially fish like oyster and salmon. They provide a good amount of zinc required by the skin to metabolize the hormone testosterone which is know to promote sebum production. A drop in excessive oil products help in fighting acne and provides a clear skin. Seafood is also rich in omega-3
fatty acid which reduces inflammation. This in turn, delays aging and keeps you skin looking young. Omega-3
fatty acids when not consumed adequately causes inflammatory diseases affecting the skin. This may lead to psoriasis and eczema. It is therefore important to include seafood and fish in your diet on a regular basis.

3. Whole grains
Whole grains are not only healthy for your body but for your skin too. Eating too much processed grains and processed food like white bread may lead to acne and dry skin. Refined flours tend to create a sudden increase in insulin levels which may cause acne and other chronic diseases like diabetes. Whereas, whole
grains are rich in fibers and antioxidants that provide well hydrated and beautiful skin from within. Such foods are also rich in an essential vitamin called biotin which supports the body in metabolism of fats. It thus keeps your skin hydrated and reduces dryness. Eating brown rice on a regular basis protects skin from drying out. It is due to the naturally occurring lipid molecules called ceramides which helps in retaining the water contents of cells of your skin.

4. Eggs and beans
We are all aware of the fact that eggs are an excellent source of proteins. They are easily available and
 come pretty cheap. Since proteins helps in repairing damaged cells and building of new cells, it is very essential to maintain adequate levels of protein in your body through food. They also assist in keeping your hair in good condition by repairing the hair structure. Apart from this, eggs also provide a good amount of biotin in body which protects your skin from being flaky and dry. Beans are another good source of protein which facilitates repairing of damaged cell. Collagen gets regenerated by the proteins present in beans and eggs and provides a gorgeous looking skin.

6. Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which is considered best for skin. Most skin care product nowadays consists of this vitamin due to its increased benefits on skin. Production of collagen is assisted by vitamin C.
This collagen maintains elasticity of skin reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces aging and keeps your skin looking younger than your age. It provides taut and smooth skin even when topically applied. Since
it is packed with antioxidants it fights free radicals that cause damage to skin cells. Berries, grapefruit, acerola cherries and oranges are some of the fruits which are high in vitamin C. Vegetable like bells peppers, hot peppers and sprouts may also provide this vitamin and should be consumed regularly.

Drinking lot of water and green tea also helps in keeping skin hydrated and saves it from probable damage.
Green tea is packed with antioxidants which are considered best for a beautiful and glowing skin. These foods are not only good for your skin but for your overall health too. Avoid intake of alcohol and processed foods as such food generally dries out your skin and cause damage.

If you would like to have Beautiful Skin, Glossy Hair and Weight loss and receive beauty tips from an expert, I would highly recommend that you check out this ebook, - click here.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weird things guys do when you’re not around- dress down look

You must have certainly seen a well dressed and sober guy across the street, but have you ever noticed a guy trying some weird fashion tricks? Well, there are certain weird things guys do when you're not around especially when it comes to fashion. Men find it really cool that way you see. Also you cannot expect to try out your newly gained fashion skill in front of anyone, so why would they?
The weird style and fashion
The nail paint trick-guys like to try on your nail paints when you are not around. Well this can be because
they are thinking of you or missing you, or just plain curiosity to see what it exactly is. Just have a look at their nails. You often see them tainted with blue or black nail paints. What is weird for you is really cool for them. You can even find them with designing nails.
The dress disaster- gives a surprise visit to your guy friend once in a while to see him wearing your LBD and clicking snaps. If that is not all for you, here comes more, you can see a guy wearing an off shoulder LBD and a stiletto and posing in front of the mirror. Well, he is just imitating you. It is another of the weird things guys do when you're not around. They simply love to fool around in your absence.
Short it is! At home-guys cannot stay away from the shorts. Given a chance they can spend the entire year on these boxer shorts. So when you are away and there is no pestering, how can he stay from away it? What is really weird about these shorts is that they are not normal. Yes, heard it right. Not NORMAL. Most of these shorts have weird prints and designs that tells a lot about himself. You can even catch those wearing shorts with cartoons on it. See? This is the reason most guys prefer to wear it when alone.
Now you know what weird things guys try out in your absence. Next time you are out of home, give them a surprise visit to see what's more in there for you. Till then keep your lips zipped/

How to get him hooked to you?

Let's accept it! attention from men is really flattering. Surely we do not always dress up especially to attract
the opposite sex, but a little complement sure is a welcome. If you have been wondering what is it that makes
a man take note of a women at the first glance, then it is the beauty that wins hands down. It is simply hard to
resist something that comes across as naturally beautiful. Be it in your eyes, body, skin, hair or for that sake that sweet smile; it would never go unnoticed. It does not have to be overly highlighted to draw attention. So many times it comes across with a subtle tone that even you would not be aware of it. Many men said that it is the eyes that they feel most attracted to in a woman. There is a sense of mystery that is hard to define and that is what they feel mesmerized with. It is the physical beauty that works mostly for a man the first time he sees you. You don't have to drop-dad gorgeous so as to make him feel attracted to you. Just make sure you have take care of your physical attributes. Take time for regular visits to the salon. Nice hair-cut, manicured hands and nice body fragrance is hard to be missed by your man. It should be teamed with nice and crisp clothes and formal heeled shoes, in case it is formal office setting. Women who are confident with right accessories also make an impression. But that does not mean you should go over the board with it. Keep it simple and yet elegant and classy. If you happen to be dressing up for your man, it would be good once in a while to dress up as per your man's taste. This would make him feel special and he will always notice that extra effort that you have put in.

10 beauty ideas for fall

It is important that you take care of yourself all through the year, to have that beautiful glowing look.You can have a glowing skin during fall with the following 10 new beauty tips that will help you look great throughout the season with little effort.
Natural brow
If you are used to going all tweezers on your eyebrows, then it is time you slow it down or opt for not using it at all. You can appear more flattering if you have full eyebrows. If you have to trim your eyebrows, you could tweeze your strays a bit, then use a pencil shade lighter to fill your eyebrows. Your pencil shade lighter
should be of a lighter shade than the natural color of your brow. This helps in creating a more natural and softer effect. Avoid using a pencil shade lighter that has the same shade as your brow as this will give you a harsh look.
Give your skin a spa touch
There are plenty of facial appliances that help you get an amazing skin. You can incorporate a cleansing brush as part of your face washing schedule. The cleansing brush has massaging bristles that are effective in loosening dirt and makeup without extra scrubbing. These facial appliances are highly effective in clearing in clearing up conditions like rosacea and acne.
Using a olive shade on your nails
Painting your nails with a military green shade will amazingly flatter your skin tone. It will also blend well with fall fashion colors like navy and plum.
Smooth hair
Hair straightening treatments can be expensive and there are high chances that you might be risk of having toxic used on your hair. The good thing is that you can now straighten your hair at home safely.
Home straightening kits have keratin which is used to temporary fill holes present in hair shaft. It also comes
packed with shampoo that helps in drying your hair. You can flat-iron your hair to seal in the sleekness. Your hair will end up being smooth for at most 30 days before you straighten it again.
Change your makeup
If you are not yet using mineral makeup, its time you start using it. Mineral make up is made up of seaweed
and soybean extracts which make your skin healthy. They are also free from artificial oils, preservatives and
synthetics that harm your skin.
Consider getting fat lashes
Thick long lashes are effective in opening up your eyes. If you have short or sparse lashes and you are interested in getting thick lashes, you could consider using lash growth natural serum. Apply it on the outline
of your lids once a day.
Get a hair color
A red hair color warms up different skin tones and looks amazing during fall. If you have a fair skin tone you could consider using a copper hair color shade. Mahogany is best for people with dark tones while auburn blends well with olive tone.
Use oil on your skin
Facial oils sink in the skin quicker and are just as moisturizing as heavy creams. The good thing about facial
oils is that they are very light and come packed with fatty acids which are essential in hydrating the skin.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Did you once have a fresh, glowing skin but now have a dull and lifeless looking one? Well there are things you might be doing which make it so. Outlined below are five mistakes that are making your skin dull.
1.  Over Washing Your Face
Washing your skin is actually a good skin care practice because it will help get rid of the dirt. However, excessive washing of your skin can be unhealthy too. This is because the cleanser will no doubt strip off your
skin's natural oils and leave it dehydrated, something that will lead to dry, rough and dull-looking skin. It is advisable to only wash your skin two times a day which is in the morning after waking up and before bed time.
2. An Unhealthy Diet
Whatever you eat will reflect on your skin. A fresh glowing skin is as a result of a nutritious diet while a dull
looking skin can be caused by an unhealthy diet. The wrong diet especially the unhealthy and unbalanced one will not provide the necessary minerals and vitamins to give nourishment to your skin. You might be taking in foods lacking in essential nutrients to help maintain the glow and fresh look, this is an effective way of making your skin look dull.
3. Excessive Use Of Toner
The toner is simply used to control oil in the skin, however, excessive use can actually result to an oilier and duller skin compared to before. Alcohol based toner, consider cutting down and you might save your skin from losing its glow and getting dull.
4. Inadequate Sleep
Sleep is essential because it allows the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself after the long hours of exposure to the sun, wind, cold and other elements. Not having enough sleep will not allow room for your skin to regenerate and will no doubt the glow out of your skin. This will leave your skin looking dull and unhealthy. Get at least 6-8 hours of beauty sleep everyday and keep your kin glowing.
5. Not Using Sun Protection
Exposing your skin to direct sun will definitely turn your fresh glowing skin into a dull and dry one, probably
with acne. The sun releases harmful UVA and UBA rays on your skin leading to sunburns, age spots, effects, has of course led to many dark-skinned individual ending up with dull skin. Direct sun is always harmful on all types of skin and applying sunscreen when exposed is advisable.
There more mistakes that will turn a fresh, glowing skin into dull and unattractive one but the above ones are the most basic and commonly done.

Easy Tips and ideas for long hair

In young adults between 25-40 years of age, short hair is a disgrace to them and they feel they are incomplete and unbeautiful.  In fact, less and short hair lowers their self esteem and confidence. They always go an extra mile to find ways to elongate their hair so as to appear attractive. They will even apply all types of concoction that they are advised wrongly that it would make their hair grow long. Below are ideas and steps that if they are followed with a little patience they will make a depressed girl smile again.

Application Of Hair Oil
Applying hair growth oil like coconut oil in the evening before going to bed and wash out on the following morning helps a big deal encouraging hair growth. It is highly suggested that you try out different types of oil until you find the suitable one for your hair.
Keep your hair and scalp once after two days is recommended. This will retain the sebum that is needed by your scalp and manes for fast hair growth.
You should have a routine physical exercise and a wash after. This will enable blood circulation to the whole body including your scalp. Therefore the scalp will obtain nutrients that promote hair growth.
Trim your hair regularly
They say that the hair grows from the root. That is true but hair should be trimmed to about a half an inch.
This will aid in getting rid of dry bristle that makes hair look thin and unattractive.
Take nutritional supplements
Beta carotene vitamins, biotin and vitamin E are nutrient that determines the hair growth. Therefore to avoid deficiency you should buy them as they are cheap. There supplements will boost the hair growth.
Feed on healthy diet
Eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary and fatty foods. A healthy diet ensures that all nutrients that are required for fast hair growth are available. In fact, a nice looking and healthy hair is seen as an indication for a healthy body. You should stop smoking and excessive alcohol intake.
Take General Hair Care
Cover your hair when going to bed and avoid excessive hair brushing. Too much of brushing tend to weaken hair at the roots. A hot bath also weakens hair follicles and may lead to hair loss, always take a cold or a lukewarm bath as this will promote hair growth. Use deep oil treatments this will promote hair growth.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elegantly Soft Gold Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are currently in style and have been in fashion for decades. This fashion is improving day to day with many styles on getting the perfect soft gold Smokey eye. The secret for getting an elegantly soft gold smokey eye is perfect blending. This entails blending colors together in a flawless design.
Pairing colors which are rich and dark with light colors is very important for perfect blending. Nice mix of colors results to an elegantly soft gold smoky eye. This includes laying the base with soft gold and deep purple on top of it. Also, the base could be suitable with champagne light blue and a green hue peach base.
Requirements for Making an Elegantly Soft Gold Smoky Eye
For a perfect and attractive smoky eye, an eye primer is important for maintaining shadow in its proper place. Two shadows are also necessary, one darker and one lighter for mixing. Also, the process would not be successful without an eyeliner, mascara and makeup brushes.
Steps on How to Make Elegantly Soft Gold Smoky Eyes
1. Clean the lids
Keeping the eyelids free from oil prevents melting the eye shadow from the eyelid. To perfect this, an eye shadow is applied to the base of the eye and letting it dry before the next step is taken.
2. Application of the Eyeliner
Eyeliner is applied by drawing a thick line through the middle of the eye slightly on top of upper lash line. In this case, violet is the best color for a gorgeous looking smoky eye.
3. Application of Blended Color on Lashes
Eyeliner pencil is suitable for application of these colors because it makes it easier for smuggling. Upon drawing the line, smuggling some little shadow with a finger is important in order to get the complete smudge effect.
4. Application of Light Color on the Base
The base is applied a light cream blended with dark hue for perfect elegantly smokey eye. A light shadow is swept on the lids to the brow bone of the eye.
5. Finish with Applying Mascara Coats
This is done to thicken the eye lashes and make them look darker. However, if the eye lashes are short and not curled, curling them is important for the make-up to look elegant.
Tips To Get Smokey Eyes
it is important to maintain lips nude. Put focus on either lips or eyes but not bot. however, if both are applied colors, one may look like a crown which is not elegant.
Elegantly soft gold smoky eyes are the best choice for women that make them look beautiful, younger and attractive.

Fall into these ten beauty ideas

Ever had trouble keeping up with the ever so changing fashions? Did you ever feel the second you participated with a new fad the next new trend was already making its arrival? Every season has their unspoken fashion do's and don'ts and quite frankly it's hard to keep up. Until now, I have here 10 new beauty ideas for Fall, that you will fall in love with. Fall is about a natural, soft, classy look you don't have to go above and beyond this fall to look as through you did.
1. Let your tweezers have a break. Only tweeze the strays and where necessary, and don't use a brow liner that's darker or the same shade 1 shade lighter it will give that natural look, anything else will look to harsh.
2. Painting your nails a olive or related color will match any skin tone and make fall colors pop, like navy plum. It will match the many different colors of leaves falling off the trees onto the ground.
3. If you haven't used mineral make-up falls the time to start. Mineral make-up will
work wonders this fall, not only does it provide nutrients for your skin, but it will leave your skin glowing and natural looking. You won't even be able to tell you have it on 4. Redo your hair-do, try something new, a short cut to the jawline will leave you with options this fall, whether you want it curly or straight it will look chic either way.
5. Get fat lashes. Upgrade your mascara brush, also, starting from the bottom of your lashes wiggle the brush back and forth as you make your way up the lash. You can also try an all-natural lash serum to help them grow.
6. Let that inner redhead run wild, it will warm up all different kinds of skin tones and also go with the colors of fall.
7. Rosy them cheeks. Try a rosy blush it will enhance that already natural look.
8. Let your hair down. Skip those tight, stiff up do's stick to something lose like a low sleek ponytail or just let it down.
9. Dramatic lips. If wearing lipstick go easy on eye makeup. Remember keep it classy this fall.
10. Try no make-up. This fall go completely natural. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and apparently in seasons too! Don't be afraid to try new things this fall, for there are many more than just this list of 10. Enjoy

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Importance of Keeping Your Glamour Going

Importance Of Keeping Your Glamour Going
In early stages of relationships, most people glamour themselves by dressing up well, going to lavish places to eat, buying gifts and also try to sound more sophisticated. As days convert to weeks & months the glamour starts fading away. People start becoming more casual; in their dressing & presentation styles especially. Although, it seems like not a bug deal but these little things can be the cause of glamour in a relationship, fading away.
Keeping The Glamour Going
It is very important to remember why people fall for each other or start to like each other in the first place. It is because of the Glamour that was presented by the other person through their style, the dressing sense,the outdoor dating in romantic ambiance and gifts that acted as tokens of appreciation for each other. These are basic foundation of Glamour in all relationships.
It is very critical to keep your style or persona always visible. As for as media Glamour or Glamour in Relationships is concerned, the first thing that catches the eyes of the viewer is appearance. The dressing and communication style is what starts the Glamour in the first place. So, why not be Glamorous and stay Glamorous. It's not always about what you wear but how you carry yourself; not about what you say but how you say it. It really does not matter if the intellect varies between the two individuals but the language plays a huge role in keeping the spark of one individual in another person's mind.

Don't get it wrong; it's not about dressing in formals or exotic dresses every day. Not at all. Although, it is very important to look good; feel good; stay fresh and let your positive energy be vibrant towards the other. A good sign to know if the Glamour exists in your style is when your significant other's friends drop in by surprise and you don't have to run away from the front door into the bathroom or the bedroom to become presentable. Why get proper for others? Why not keep the Glamour going for the ones that admire you in the first place?

Presentation Once Again

Yes! Presentation Once Again. It is not just about your presentation but presentation of ever thing you do or posses. For example, if you cook food for the special someone the presentation of your cooking should bring that Glamour of yours out with it. Experiencing a well presented substance enhances the experience a
thoughtful act & does magic for keeping the Glamour in relationships.

Expensive Dates Does Not Equal Up to Glamour
The point is not to go out to lavish restaurants. The point is to go out and have fun together. People tend to forget how much fun they uses to have spent more money that really was out of his or her budget but the point was not that. The point was to have fun which caused the Glamour in the first place. Was it not? Whether, you go to a bar during happy hours or go to a five star restaurant, the difference is not really much. As long as you do things and never forget the basics that are the basis of your relationship; The Glamour will always remain. So why is it important to keep the Glamour going? It's because you don't want to fade the characteristics that your other significant saw in you, which made him or her fall for you in the first place.

The Work Rules To Rule Office

Work or profession is an unavoidable part of one's life. It is not only the economic source, but also provides one with a designation or place that one has desired for a long time. Just getting an employment is not enough. It is important to abide by some rules and etiquette to live up to one's stature in the office or workplace. Any fresher in job field would love to discuss the work rules you've gotta know and carry on according to need.
When it comes to office rules, behavior is one of the most important aspects. Experts say that everyone respects a person with good behavior and strong spine. In fact, it also reduces the chances for dirty rivalry or office politics. Some good word, as simple as "Good Morning" With a simple smile can bring a positive change others attitude towards the speaker. If one is acting as a group leader, It is important to work hard along with other co-employees. One must keep in mind that one cannot get proper respect by bullying employees. encouraging co-employees and working hard will definitely bring respect and love towards the leader.
Dressing is important in any field of work. It's one of the work rules you've gotta know. If one is under-dressed for any office meeting or every day office it is sure to change the viewer attitude and claim disrespect. Overly dressed is somewhat better than being under-dressed as one may cut any clothing according to need. Under dressed employees displays an unprofessional attitude to the workplace. Shaving and groomed hair is an important part of the dressing style.
One must remember the special days of the co-employees and employers. A simple greetings card or birthday cake might include one in the person's good book. When it comes to intense work schedules, one gets overwhelmed with just simple wishing. One can feel suggestion intensity when receives the same gesture.
While using mobile phone, one must lower the ringtone volume. One has to choose a suitable ringtone for office. The basic idea behind this is to keep up a calm situation in the office that makes working easier.
In most offices, one has to email any need or quarries. Sometimes one has to get the complete information from employers and distribute it to one's group members. For this one has to enhance the email skills and write in a proper professional tone.
There are a million more suggestions for the work rules you've gotta know. The basic rule is to formulate rules that make the office a better place to work.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Flaunt Your Sexy New Hair Look

Nowadays, both men and women are fashion and style conscious. All people love to look glamorous and gorgeous at each points of time, even while at home. Today's kids are also concerned about their looks very much. One of the important parts of your look is the hair. Research works say that most of the men and women first notice the hair of people at their first sight or at the time of first meeting with any person especially during dates. Moreover, every individual goes through a new hair cut to refresh his look or at a time when they feel low or to pamper oneself. Your sexy new hair look can give you the much-needed confidence to overcome any situation.

Tips to get your sexy new hair look

As the proverb goes that, try to look good if you want to feel good about yourself. Several people do not pay much attention to their hair and think that the messy look is very casual to attract others. However, the truth is every person love to watch your sexy new hair look rather than being clumsy all the while.

  • Men - If you want to show off your sexy new hair look immediately, firstly you have to get a suitable haircut. However, if you already have charming haircut, all you need to do is to set up in a cool and stylish manner to catch the attention of people at the first meeting. Men can easily use some good hair products like hair gel or cream to get the desired look. You can also be inspired by any celebrity to make your sexy new hair look perfect.
  • Women - There are plenty of way to exhibit your sexy new hair look. You have to get a new, apt hair cut as per your feature, and if you already got one, you just need to stylize it by using hair styling products. If you like to keep short hair, you can opt for a wet look or bubbly look to express the sporting spirit of yours. However, if you love to keep your hair long, there are various ways to flaunt your sexy new hair look. You can easily perm or curl your hair for that wavy look whereas you can also straighten your hair to create a dreamy appearance. Moreover, you can color your hair as per your complexion and eye color for having vibrant style. Whenever you want to show your sexy new hair look to be the center of attraction, just remember the nature of the gathering, season and your image and personality as vital factors to set the entire look.

Friday, November 22, 2013

10 New Beauty Ideas For Fall

Fall is the time of the year for glowing - skin, flawless hair and natural beauty. Follow these 10 new beauty ideas for fall and have a stunning look no matter what you do.

1. Full Brows, More Flattering

Consider twee-zing only the stray hairs when needed and follow up with an eyebrow pencil one shade lighter than normal. The result is a natural look with a softer appearance.

2. Touch Your Skin With Spa

Invest in a new rotating cleansing brush for your face-washing routine.

3. Paint Nails Green

Paining your nails with an olive green color is enough to flatter all types of skin and goes great with many colors.

4. Smooth Hair

Try a 30 day smoothing treatment for your hair. The results are no harsh chemicals and no frizz.

5. Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup contains ingredients that are safe and healthy for the skin.

6. Consider The Bob

This hairstyle looks great for styling hair and giving hair that look of more volume.

7. Time For A New Brush?

Big round brushes are great for styling hair and giving hair that look of more volume.

8. Fatter lashes

Make your eyes pop by using fake lashes or a voluminous mascara.

9. Go Red

Red hair is known to warm all different skin Tories.

10. Essential Oils

Essential oils are the quick way to moisturizing your skin before makeup application.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

12 Step Program to a More Beautiful You

In the world of beauty there are creams and a machine for everything, but here are 12 simply who-knew beauty tricks that can be done in a pinch and on a dime that will have you looking your best.
Look younger instantly 12 who-knew beauty tricks.

  1. Don't slouch. This won't cost you one dime, but will have your family and co-workers asking if you've recently lost weight or started working out.
  2. Drink plenty of water. You know, you've been told this a million times but its true! Water naturally flushes your body of aging toxins and helps reduce weighty inflammations.
  3. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It won't be the same results as an hour long date with the stair stepper, but adding exercise to your daily routine. It won't be the same results as an hour long date with the stair stepper, but adding exercise to your everyday routine will have your legs slimming and tummy tightening sooner than you'd think. Try doing calf raises in the shower, or while brushing your teeth. Throw in a couple extra squats when you reach down to pick something up you've dropped. (Maybe not suitable for the office.)
  4. Diet for you. Everyone's body is completely different. Some people can eat their body weight in donuts and not gain an ounce while others can look at a piece of bacon and go into cardiac arrest. Instead of spending tons of money on the latest fad diet, do a little research. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain items. do carbs make you crave more carbs? Does dairy upsets your stomach? Eating for your body will help it function at full potential; keeping you young.
  5. Get outside. There is no need to lay out for hours on the beach or hike for days through the woods to benefit from being outside. Sitting outside for a brief 10 minutes a day can help elevate your mood and keep those worry and frown lines off your face.
  6. Wear sunscreen. Although this beauty tip won't make you grow think, shiny locks of hair or have perfect skin overnight, the use of sunscreen and smart sun protection practices throughout a lifetime can be the difference between aging like Halle Berry and aging like...anyone off of reality TV.
  7. Skip the skim. If you're a coffee drinker, you may consider ordering your latte with 2% milk fat as opposed to skim. Studies have shown that the fat in the milk not only helps your body digest the milk better, but helps prevent your teeth from soaking up the coffee pigments.
  8. Use a tooth brush. We all know the importance of brushing our teeth, but did you know you can use a tooth brush to prep your pout for lipstick? By gently brushing your lips with a soft bristled tooth brush, you can remove dead skin and get kiss-ably smooth lips whether you are wearing lipstick or not.
  9. Take a night for yourself. Have a girl's night in or even a personal at-home spa day is cost effective and not only helps you look beautiful, but be more confident. Taking time for yourself helps establish a sense of self worth, creating a happier, more confident, and more radiant you.
  10. Skip a day washing your hair, although hygienic, strips your hair of natural oils. With constant stripping of oils, your body will begin to produce more oil in attempts to compensate for all the oils that are being taken away. By skipping a day or two between washes, your scalp will have chance to calm its oil productions.
  11. Get the girls fitted. Did you know that the majority of women will spend their whole life wearing the wrong sized bra? its as simple as popping into your local lingerie shop or any Victoria's Secret to get measured and fitted. The base of any good outfit are great foundation garments.
  12. Tame those brows! Eyebrows are one of the most expressive details of women's face. You don't want yours to be expressing anything anything in the realm of furry. Head over to your local beauty school for a quick brow-do and notice the difference shaping can make.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Beauty tips for your hair and Makeup

We need a perfect look each and every day or in fact each and every minute and for all this we keeping on
switching from one hair style to another and with new makeup trends. A retro look is back in fashion, which is retro yet modern. You can roll your hair to make a bun and accessorize them with a matching stole or a clutch on. a few layers of streaks in red or golden color can do wonders at the time. To match up you can also do the basic makeup like a paint shadow on the eyebrows with an intense dark lip color which will give you a golden era look. Apart from this retro look, different hair color streaks with a well matched nail arts can do wonders when coming to newest fashion mania in youngsters.

Shoulder length hair and even short hair are also making waves in the fashion world. They look good and elegant and at the same time stylish. It all depends on the clothes you are wearing and the perfect sober makeup to match it. some prefer wacky koth makeup also which gives a very vibrant look if matched up with wavy hair. Lanky and shiny hair with nude makeup teamed up with smoky eyes can also do wonders for you and your style.
Another type of hair color which is making raves in the fashion circles these days and are a craze among the youngsters is the chocolate brown hair color which you can find among kids also specially star kids who are
seen every where sporting this color which suits hair of all length.
More super hair and makeup trends!
You can have a chocolate color streaks and pair them up with darker chocolate shade of brown make up to look beautiful and young forever. All you have to do is explore various options on net or you can hire a professional stylist to give you a make over and experience a change as change is always better and for the better.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get Younger Looking Eye

The key to achieve a younger looking eye is to imitate that relating to a child. Allow me to share the ideas and tips to get stunning eyes.

Proper care of the Eye Skin

Be concerned regarding the skin around the eyes to prevent wrinkles. Apply a cream that's made to moisturize that area. This enables you to maintain it looking younger. 

Shape Your Eyebrows

Make sure the eyebrows are shaped and well-groomed. Unkempt eyebrows can also add several years to the eye. Remove strays away from the natural brow line. Trim long hairs. Define your brows’ shape and fill in sparse parts using brow powder that is certainly applied using feather-like strokes. 

Create Freshest Base

Always begin eye makeup routine by ensuring your skin layer doesn't have any grime and dirt in order to create freshest base. Apply foundation over your eyelids to secure a very clean canvas that do not effectively have unevenness from the skin tone. Also, include under eye areas in your application. Then, pat the concealer beneath your eyes and stipple away some obvious edges. 

Maintain your makeup simple.

You desire to make use of the cosmetics that enhance your appearance, however, usually do not add color to your eye. Apply highlighter around the brow bones in addition to inner corner corners of the eyes. Blend away hard evident edges for natural look. 

Lining Inner Rims

Line inner rims from the lower lash lines utilizing a white pencil, this usually extends the area occupied by whites of the eyes. They're going to look more open and rounder prefer that of an kid. Curl the eyelashes in order to open up your eye area more. Dab mascara towards the top lashes only. Only use a brown-black or brown you to definitely avoid getting too harsh look. De-clump lashes using an eyelash comb so your eyes look cleaner. Your lashes is going to be naturally defined. 

Remove Creasing Underneath the Eye

Smooth away some creasing under the eyes by tapping the region region lightly with ring finger. Dust a translucent powder on the under-eye concealer to prevent further creasing. 

Lord and Taylor

Lord and Taylor