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What is the Best Eyeshadow Color for Dark Brown Eyes?

If you consider your eyes as your most distinct facial feature then it is only natural to give more emphasis to it. For some women, finding the right eye shadow is considered as the best way to enhance the beauty of their eyes. However, most women believe that to be able to do this, you need to find the right shade of eye shadow that will match the color of your eyes. For example, what is the best eye shadow color for dark brown eyes? So assuming you do have dark brown eyes, first thing you need to know is that there are various color options available for you. Then again, you should also consider your skin complexion when picking an eye shadow. You need to make sure that the eye shadow you opt for cannot just enhance your dark brown eyes, but it should also complement your complexion.

Eye-shadow Color Options for Dark Brown Eyes
For your dark brown eyes, the best color options are the following:

  • Purple: purple is considered as one of the best options for those with dark brown eyes, more so if you have an olive skin tone. This shade is chosen by lots of women with dark brown eyes, as it does not complement olive skin tone alone, but it goes well with other skin tones as well. Then again, remember that dark shades of purple should be avoided and opting for light to medium shades is the best choice. Purple can also be combined with gray for better results.
  • Brown: eye shadow with brown shade are also great for dark brown eyes. The best option though would be light to medium shades to give more emphasis on the dark shade of the eyes lens.
  • Gray: gray eye shadow is great for dark brown eyes, especially if you want to achieve a smoky look. Dark to medium shades of gray are considered the best for such eyes color, but lighter shades of gray can also give great results.
  • Other Color Options: pink and gold are also great for dark brown eyes. Other colors that can be used for such eye color are blue and green shades of eye shadows. However, you might want to experiment first with blue or green eye shadow to see which shade can provide you your desired result.
Eye shadow Tips for Dark Eyes
How you apply your eye shadow can also provide better results in terms of giving emphasis to your dark
brown eyes. For that, here are some tips on how you should apply your eye shadow to enhance the color of your eyes and make it even more beautiful:

  • If you want a natural look for your eyes, lighter shadows are your best bet. Darker shades, on the other hand, should be opted for if you want to add dramatic effects to your eyes.
  • If you are after a natural look, there are various color options available for you. Aside from the ones already mentioned above, you can also experiment and try light pink, peach, champagne and taupe.
  • In case you want your eyes to look brighter, you can do so by opting for pink eye shadows. You can also opt for other colors with shimmer to achieve the same effect.
  • Smoky effects on dark brown eyes can be achieved by using a gray eye shadow along with gray eyeliner.
  • When applying light shadows, make sure to start from your eye lashes up to your eye brow for more emphasis on your eye color.
  • If you are looking for something simple and quick, you can also opt for pastel eye shadow colors with shimmer. Go for eye liner with a dark shade but this should be applied on your upper lid only. You can also add brown or dark gray mascara for a simpler yet very appealing look.
  • To give more emphasis to your eyes, tone down the shades on the rest of your makeup. To do this, opt for neutral shades for your checks and lips.
Remember that when it comes to eye shadow colors, you have various options available for you. To determine which among these will best suit the result you are aiming for make sure that you do not hesitate to experiment before making an actual application. You can also try applying the eye shadow along with your cheek and lip makeup to see how you can enhance your dark brown eyes better.

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