Considering the fact that change is the only eminent fact in a human beings life it is important for us to demystify what change management is. Change management is an approach where people learn to deal with change both at an individual and an organization level. Change can be so retrogressive if not well dealt with at both the individual and organization levels.Being able to handle the changes in your life is the only way your ever going to be fearless again.Learning to be fearless again is an intricate process that involves managing change in your life.

An Individual that adapts well to the challenges and changes that are indeed the modern day world tends to thrive more. And as the saying goes the more effectively an Individual can deal with change the more likely they are to survive.

As a way of managing change there are certain critical factors that have to be put in place to ensure efficient change management. These factors can include;

Always address the human element: any changes in the environment are likely to affect human beings. At an organization level there is likely to be some resistance to this change. So as a starting point leaders should always address the fears and uncertainties that these kind of change brings to staff.

Always start at the top management: Leaders at the top should always be seen as the first people ready to embrace change. This easily brings a domino effect that soon catches on with the other staff. Any organization that its leaders are resistant to change finds it impossible to effectively effect change.

Involve everybody in the process: There is nothing as worse as an organization that tries to effect change by using a few people and leaving the rest just to follow. Such processes never work and they end up receiving allot of ressistance.Ensure that everybody is involved in the process of change in an organization to ensure that it is well accepted by all.

Make it formal: Learn to make people understand why change is necessary and for what reason it is being effected. This will always result in winning over even the most skeptical of persons. Giving a formal breakdown on the need of change and on what is to be achieved by effecting the change will always help to make more people accept the change process.

Create ownership: This is where everybody owns a piece of the change process. Everybody should be made to understand how each individual is necessary to the effectiveness of the change process. Therefore make each individual know just how much the success of the process hinges on them playing their individual part. This brings a feeling of everybody owning a part of the change.

Communication: This should always be the key factor to any change campaign. Most of the time leaders at the top assume that people know exactly what they want. This cannot be further from the truth. Always utilize effective communication to pass the exact message that everybody can be able to understand. This will result to the effective rolling out of the change process and efficient role play from each and everyone.

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