Monday, July 21, 2014

Tips On How To Play Up Your Eye Color With Makeup

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Soft Sultry Smokey Eye| Makeup Tutorial

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Friday, July 18, 2014


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to makeup small eyes with easy steps

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado: HBO World Championship Boxing Highlights

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Monday, July 14, 2014

• MakeUp For Blue Eyes | EASY & FAST •

Dans cette vidéo, je te présente un tutoriel maquillage pour les yeux, de préférence bleue, mais peu importe la couleurs de tes yeux, tu pourras réaliser ce maquillage, c'est simple, rapide...

Friday, July 11, 2014


Hi my loves ! I have gotten so many emails and messages asking how to do my makeup looks with small, hooded or droopy eyes. This technique will help make you...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Only 2.5% Malaysians blood donors

Only 2.5 per cent Malaysians are blood donors, compared to international standards of five percent of a country's population.

How to Indian Pakistani Smokey eyes for big & small eyes with 4 lip colours || Raji Osahn

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Darks & DuoChromes Lip Art Tutorial ft Eye Kandy & Inglot

I wanted to play with some duo-chromatic shadows, and I love my Eye Kandy Cotton Candy glitter which is a pink glitter that reflects blue, so I decided to use it in a lip look and give it a...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Makeup Tutorial- Bright Smokey Eyes

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Young fan gives decoy ball to pretty lady

5/17/14: A young fan smoothly switches out his foul ball souvenir and gives the decoy ball to a pretty lady behind him Check out for our full archive of videos, and...

Wieczorowy makijaż powiększający oczy / Evening make up tutorial for small eyes

Tym razem maluję nie siebie, ale moją piękną modelkę. Produkty, których użyłam: Wibo Make Up Box Avon true color - Tiger's eye Inglot Eyeshadows Hean Eye Ill...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Go-To Look w/ CONTOUR

This is a make-up tutorial for my Summer Go - to look Smokey eye with a contour that will look natural during the day.

Every Day Makeup Tutorial :: Using Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cute and Pretty School Makeup Tutorial Makeup Tutorial, Makeup Tutorials, make up, Lips Makeup,...

Tips and Tricks With・ーEye・ーMakeup・ーand・ーEyeshadow

When a person looks at a woman's face, more often than not the first thing he or she notices are her・ーeyes. Theeyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, and they are the brightest and the most beautiful features in a woman's face. That is why the・ーeyes are given much attention when・ーeye・ーmakeup・ーis applied to her face and the choice of・ーeyeshadow and the way it is applied is always done with great care.

You're applying mascara all wrong - click here! Knowing your eye shape is important when you are thinking of going for my

Whenever you put on your・ーeye・ーmakeup, your aim should always be to make your・ーeyes look brighter. Your・ーeyemakeup・ーshould make your・ーeyes stand out among the other features of your face. You can achieve this by selecting the right colors for your・ーeyeshadow and creating the right blend of・ーeyeshadow for your・ーeyes.

The colors you choose for your・ーeyeshadow should either match the color of your・ーeyes or provide a contrast to it. If your・ーeyes are blue, then blue・ーeyeshadow would work perfectly for you. If your・ーeyes are brown or hazel, brownish or golden tints for your・ーeyeshadow would be gorgeous. Nonetheless, blue・ーeyeshadow on brown・ーeyes can provide a very nice contrast and make the・ーeyes appear brighter.

Your・ーeyeshadow should be composed of three shades: a light color such as taupe for your base shadow, a darker highlighter for the crease of your・ーeyes, and the main color for your・ーeyelid that is a shade lighter than your highlighter. The key to making your・ーeyeshadow work is to blend in these three colors.

Applying your・ーeye・ーmakeup・ーcomes after you have put foundation on your face. Always make it a point to put on your・ーmakeup・ーfrom the・ーeyes downward. Before putting on・ーeye・ーmakeup, prime your lids first with・ーeye・ーcream for protecting the sensitive skin of your・ーeyelids, and then dab on a little foundation over them. The foundation will make sure that your・ーeyeshadow will last for hours.

After you are done with the foundation, dab on the base color for your・ーeyeshadow, covering the whole lid and the brow bone. Follow it with the main color for your・ーeyelid. The highlighter comes next, but do take care how you put your highlighter because if applied the wrong way, your highlighter can make your・ーeyes look too big and too beady. Keep your highlighter to the outer edges of your・ーeyes. Also, avoid putting highlighter on your brow bone, unless you are putting on・ーmakeup・ーfor an evening affair or going to a photo shoot. Blend the three shades of your・ーeyeshadow carefully so they appear to smooth over each other.

After you are done with your・ーeyeshadow, you can start putting on the other elements of your・ーeye・ーmakeup, applied to the・ーeyebrows and the・ーeyelashes. Your・ーeyebrows give character to your・ーeyes, so you should not neglect them when you are putting on・ーeye・ーmakeup. Brush them with a brow brush and then shape them with・ーeyeliner. Make sure that your・ーeyeliner pencil is sharp and matches the shade of your mascara.

As for your・ーeyelashes, the proper application of mascara on them will do a lot in making your・ーeyes pop. Mascara extends the length of your・ーeyelashes and makes them appear thicker. Curl your・ーeyelashes first with an・ーeyelash curler before putting on your・ーeyeshadow so the thing would not botch your carefully blended・ーeyeshadow. Put just enough mascara and wipe away excess mascara from the applicator before putting it to your lashes so that your lashes will not clump together. Also, use smudge-proof and waterproof mascara so that it will not run if ever tears come to your・ーeyes, especially when you are wearing contact lenses. To finish it off, line your・ーeyelids just under the lashes with・ーeyeliner.

If you want special touches to your・ーeye・ーmakeup, you can put on a little shimmer on your・ーeyes to make them appear brighter. If your age lingers around 30 and above, however, use shimmer with caution because shimmer can attract unwanted attention to the wrinkles around your・ーeyes, if you have them already. Special occasions require special touches on your・ーeye・ーmakeup, though, and in that case, you can put a little amount of shimmer on your brow bone. You can further brighten your・ーeyes by drawing a dot or two with white・ーeyeliner or・ーeyeshadow on the inner edge of your・ーeyes.

Another thing you should remember when putting on・ーeye・ーmakeup・ーis to go for balance. If you are wearing bright red lipstick, tone down your・ーeye・ーmakeup. In fact, you can completely forego wearing・ーeye・ーshadow and just stick to mascara and・ーeyeliner if you are wearing red lipstick. Wearing red lipstick and dark・ーeyeshadow will only make you appear like a clown.

In putting on・ーmakeup, we should take care how we put on our・ーeye・ーmakeup・ーand how we apply・ーeyeshadow. Theeyes, after all, are the most beautiful features on a woman's face, so we should emphasize their beauty always.

Rubik's Cube invention Google Doodle

Visit to Play Rubik's Cube Doodle Game at anytime. Google showed an interactive Google Doodle for marking...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Makeup Tutorial- Autumn smoky eyes

Makeup-Makeup Tutorial-Makeup Tutorial for eyes- -Makeup Tips- -Makeup Tutorial Barbie- -Makeup Tutorial katy perry-eye makeup tutorial-halloween makeup-hair tutorial Barbie Transformation...

Vibrant Summer Makeup | Makeup For Small Eyes


Pink Purple Haze Eyeshadow Tutorial!!!

Check Out This Beautiful Pink Purple Eyeshadow Look! Its Just A Haze Of Color To Brighten Up The Eye Area! Great For Green Eyes! Also I'm Sorry Its Still A Little Off And On Fuzzy. I'm really...

Cavite, Baguio celebrates 2014 festival

Cavite celebrates 'Karakol' festival with street dance and parade. Also Baguio celebrates first 'Ifugao' festival. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN News channel! - Visit our website...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bronze Smokey Eye tutorial featuring the Too Faced Sweet Indulgences Palette Makeup for Brown Eyes

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer eyeshadow tutorial

This is the first video I recorded on my phone so I'm sorry that it's a little short but this is a tutorial on how I applied eyeshadow to create this look.

Makeup Tutorial- Deep Blue Make up Tutorial

Makeup-Makeup Tutorial-Makeup Tutorial for eyes- -Makeup Tips- -Makeup Tutorial Barbie- -Makeup Tutorial katy perry-eye makeup tutorial-halloween makeup-hair tutorial Barbie Transformation...

Sungha Jung talks about his upcoming trip to Taiwan!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Cat Eye A Fierce Makeup Tutorial

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Makeup Tutorial Smokey Eye

Smokey Eyes: Start off with a dark gray, merge into black. highlight & blend under ther brow. lips: start with lip liner then fill in with shadows. seal it off with lipstick, lipgloss, or chapstick.

Lord and Taylor

Lord and Taylor