Saturday, May 31, 2014

Natural Looking Everyday Makeup Tutorial

This is a simple tutorial on how to enhance you face's natural beauty.This makeup can also serve as you everyday makeup since it is very easy to accomplish. You can wear this makeup in your...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Natural Makeup Look using Naked palette

You can check the products I have used below. However for blush, highlighter and contour you can also use only Naked Flushed palette by Urban Decay instead o...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Natural Makeup for Brown Skin Tutorial with Jackie Mgido Part 1 - Foundation

In this makeup tutorial for black women, Make-Up Designory faculty artist, Jackie Mgido begins a natural daytime look by first analyzing her model's skin. Sh. In part 1 of Make-Up Designory's...


Welcome back to my channel folks and greetings to new viewers.In this video I have created a sexy smokey eye makeup look by using silver white,black,brown colour.This look can be wear on any...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Everyday Makeup

Open For Info: Song - Ellie Golding - Figure 8 - Extended Remix Products used: Benefit that gal brightening face primer Maybelline Fit me - 210 Estee Lauder ...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tips on how to steal celebrity styles

Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity and wondered how you can achieve that look? Well, look no
further, here are some tips that will have you ready for work or a night on the town with friends. Do you have a full set of lips like Jessica Alba but not sure how to make them look their best? Here's a tip for you.....First,
you will need a tube of lipstick of your choice and the matching lip liner. If you cannot find lip liner identical to your lipstick then try to get the shade closest to it. Next, take your liner and line your lips with it, if you don't
have full lips but want the appearance of them, outline your top slightly past your natural line.Next, use
either the tube of lipstick itself or if you prefer a lip brush and start to fill in your lips, making sure you stay in
the line. Finally, once you're done applying your lipstick if your lips aren't as glossy as you would like then
you can apply a little lip gloss as your top coat and you're all set!! How about Katy Perry, she's been know for wearing the "cat eye", sexy and sultry yet easy to accomplish. First, you will use three different shades of
eye shadow. We will use brown shades for example. Take your lighter shade and apply it first then take your
brightest shade also known as your "highlighter" and apply it slightly higher than the first shade and lastly
apply your darkest shade towards the crease of your eye. So now you will have a layer of your colors; take a brush and slightly blend the colors together. Now here comes the harder part, its time to line your eyes with
eyeliner, preferably liquid liner. This does take practice so if you need to, you can start with a pencil liner until
you're ready to move on to liquid. Take your liner and make what the call a "dotted line", that way you wont
have to worry about having a steady hand for long. Once you've made the lines, it's time to connect them
by starting at your inner eyelid and working your way outwards. Once you are near the outer end of your eye, start slanting upward. Once you are done, apply liner to your bottom lid, apply your mascara and you're finished!! Now its time for a hair tip, who doesn't love Blake Lively's ponytails? This girl can wear a ponytail for every occasion and make them all look effortless and flawless. One that stands out is the fishtail braid.
Totally stylish and very doable for the average jane. First of all, you have to decide where you want your
braid, you can pull it to the left or right side, high or low, etc. For this example, we are doing a lower left side
fishtail ponytail. So, pull all your hair to the left side and secure it with an elastic band. Next, separate the hair
into two sections, one in your left hand and one in your right. Then, take a small section of hair from the
outer side of the section in your right hand, pull it over the top of the rest of the section and combine it with
the hair in the left hand. Now do the some to the left side, take a small section of hair from the outer side of
the section in your left hand, pull it over the top of the rest of the section and combine it with the hair in the
right hand. Now you are going to repeat until your whole ponytail is braided. When you are done, apply an
elastic band to secure your hair and if you want a messier look, you can tease the hair by pulling at the
strands in the ponytail. You can do these celebrity styles and make yourself look red carpet ready even if you aren't!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Makeup for small eyes

Someone requested a tutorial for small eyes and how to make them look bigger by using makeup! Hope you guys find it helpful :D.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Theater Make-up For The Phase And Halloween Enjoyable

While sprucing up for Halloween or as other personalities such as a clown, stage or theater makeup working outs wonders. When utilizing theater make-up, you could change into a sweet princess or a hideous evil spirit or anything in between. Whatever personality you desire to dress up as, it is even more possible with theater make-up.

Adults and youngsters can dress up as anything they please, considering that Halloween is such an enjoyable packed holiday. The usage of phase makeup could improve a slightly female into an enchanting fairy or a slightly child into one of the most frightening vampire. Phase make-up works for several things such as developing wounds and scars while suiting up as a spirit or zombie or it could create the appearance of fake blood on a witch or several other mythological personalities. With stage make-up, the aged could look young while the youthful could look old along with making the loveliest of all seem like an aged hag. Theater make-up is fantastic for creating any kind of Halloween look and it is fun to utilize for any ages.

Considering that movie theater, makeup can change any person into something really various; it benefits school plays and other performances. The usage of phase make-up can alter a child or adult into a yellow daisy or a red apple. While executing in class history plays a youngster could make use of stage makeup to add creases, a beard or mustache to appear older. Youngsters could bring about as any kind of favorite animation, motion picture or fairy tale personality while putting on a play and using phase makeup. Because stage makeup is easy to make use of, a child could transform into almost anything for an institution play.

Mimes and mimes make usage of Halloween clown make-up to complete their look, which truly provides the youngsters some great laughs. Mime entertainers, while repainting their entire face white and then adding various shades in various designs and shapes around the eyes and mouth frequently utilize clown makeup. Youngsters are extensively amused at special day celebrations and various other occasions by clowns and mimes in their multicolored phase makeup.

Movie theater make-up could include additional features to a personality such as sharp ears and fake injuries. Theater makeup is additionally helpful for adding extra results to a latex prosthetic item, such as with pus or blood by mixing different colours.

You could cheer up points up a little bit, at sporting activities games while painting your confront with your group colors if you have any type of Halloween make-up concealed away in your cabinets or makeup drawer. There is no much better ways to show your team while cheering on your favorite sports team while putting on Halloween clown or phase make-up.

Halloween clothing as well as any play or performance of youngsters are improved by the usage of theater makeup. The usage of movie theater, phase and Halloween clown make-up is necessary for the vacations and institution occasions and every parent ought to have some on hand for improving their beautiful children into an array of charming animals.

While clothing up for Halloween or as several other personalities such as a stage, mime or movie theater make-up working outs marvels. Movie theater make-up is terrific for developing any type of Halloween look and it is fun to make use of for all ages.

Halloween clothing as well as any sort of play or performance of youngsters are improved by the usage of theater make-up. Phase makeup is regularly utilized by children entertainers such as mimes or clowns, which provides them the probability of entertaining others while in disguise. The use of movie theater, phase and Halloween clown make-up is essential for the holidays and school events and every moms and dad need to have some on hand for transforming their lovely children into a selection of enchanting creatures.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to make those big blue eyes pop

Do you know that certain colors of eye shadow look better on certain eye colors? Did you know that there  are key things you can do to make your eyes really stand out? Yes, ladies believe it or not, there is truly an art to makeup in general. Most of us wear our favorite colors or grab what is cheap without putting a lot of thought into it. Maybe your boyfriend likes green so you wear green or maybe your outfit is orange so you feel that is the color to go with for that day. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that but you are
missing the art of enhancing your eyes and letting them really pop! Blue eyes for example wont stand out with
eye shadow that enhances brown eyes and vice versa, each eye color has its own colors of eye shadow that
work best for them. So my focus today will be to help you find the best eye shadow for blue eyes. My first tip will be to not put blue on blue, meaning do not wear blue eye shadow if your eyes are blue. It does absolutely nothing for the appearance of your eyes. In today's fashion nothing is super matchy, no one wears
one set color from head to toe because it's bland and the same goes for your makeup. My second tip is to try a brown, a light purple, or a Hollywood favorite the "smoky eye". The color brown will be neutral and not overpowering, thus will allow your blue eyes to show through without masking them. The light purple will play off of the contrast of your eyes by creating almost a 3D effect which will give your eyes the lead role. The "smokey eye" look will give a blue eye a sexy sultry look that's perfect for evenings or nights. The shadowy look around the eyes will create an almost midnight sky and make the blue eye the piercing moon. My third tip is to never cake makeup on your eyes. Once again , this is an art form and has to be treated as one. No one wants heavy eyelids or running the risk of having eye shadow fall into their eyes. My fourth tip is to find out what brand looks better on you. Just because a friend swears by something doesn't mean that it will look the best on you some ladies perfer name brands like Revlon, L'oreal, Maybeline, or Covergirl to name a few, which are very popular and are high quality. While some other women purchase the cheaper brands at their local grocery or dollar stores. Trial and error will help you try different products and ultimately find what works for you best. Eye shadow is sold at so many chains of stores worldwide, anywhere from Walmart to CVS pharmacy to Family Dollar, prices vary depending on the store and brand. My fifth and final tip is to have fun with it, be creative, explore all of your options, try different things, and learn to master the art of what really makes your blue eyes pop.

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