Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elegantly Soft Gold Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are currently in style and have been in fashion for decades. This fashion is improving day to day with many styles on getting the perfect soft gold Smokey eye. The secret for getting an elegantly soft gold smokey eye is perfect blending. This entails blending colors together in a flawless design.
Pairing colors which are rich and dark with light colors is very important for perfect blending. Nice mix of colors results to an elegantly soft gold smoky eye. This includes laying the base with soft gold and deep purple on top of it. Also, the base could be suitable with champagne light blue and a green hue peach base.
Requirements for Making an Elegantly Soft Gold Smoky Eye
For a perfect and attractive smoky eye, an eye primer is important for maintaining shadow in its proper place. Two shadows are also necessary, one darker and one lighter for mixing. Also, the process would not be successful without an eyeliner, mascara and makeup brushes.
Steps on How to Make Elegantly Soft Gold Smoky Eyes
1. Clean the lids
Keeping the eyelids free from oil prevents melting the eye shadow from the eyelid. To perfect this, an eye shadow is applied to the base of the eye and letting it dry before the next step is taken.
2. Application of the Eyeliner
Eyeliner is applied by drawing a thick line through the middle of the eye slightly on top of upper lash line. In this case, violet is the best color for a gorgeous looking smoky eye.
3. Application of Blended Color on Lashes
Eyeliner pencil is suitable for application of these colors because it makes it easier for smuggling. Upon drawing the line, smuggling some little shadow with a finger is important in order to get the complete smudge effect.
4. Application of Light Color on the Base
The base is applied a light cream blended with dark hue for perfect elegantly smokey eye. A light shadow is swept on the lids to the brow bone of the eye.
5. Finish with Applying Mascara Coats
This is done to thicken the eye lashes and make them look darker. However, if the eye lashes are short and not curled, curling them is important for the make-up to look elegant.
Tips To Get Smokey Eyes
it is important to maintain lips nude. Put focus on either lips or eyes but not bot. however, if both are applied colors, one may look like a crown which is not elegant.
Elegantly soft gold smoky eyes are the best choice for women that make them look beautiful, younger and attractive.

Fall into these ten beauty ideas

Ever had trouble keeping up with the ever so changing fashions? Did you ever feel the second you participated with a new fad the next new trend was already making its arrival? Every season has their unspoken fashion do's and don'ts and quite frankly it's hard to keep up. Until now, I have here 10 new beauty ideas for Fall, that you will fall in love with. Fall is about a natural, soft, classy look you don't have to go above and beyond this fall to look as through you did.
1. Let your tweezers have a break. Only tweeze the strays and where necessary, and don't use a brow liner that's darker or the same shade 1 shade lighter it will give that natural look, anything else will look to harsh.
2. Painting your nails a olive or related color will match any skin tone and make fall colors pop, like navy plum. It will match the many different colors of leaves falling off the trees onto the ground.
3. If you haven't used mineral make-up falls the time to start. Mineral make-up will
work wonders this fall, not only does it provide nutrients for your skin, but it will leave your skin glowing and natural looking. You won't even be able to tell you have it on 4. Redo your hair-do, try something new, a short cut to the jawline will leave you with options this fall, whether you want it curly or straight it will look chic either way.
5. Get fat lashes. Upgrade your mascara brush, also, starting from the bottom of your lashes wiggle the brush back and forth as you make your way up the lash. You can also try an all-natural lash serum to help them grow.
6. Let that inner redhead run wild, it will warm up all different kinds of skin tones and also go with the colors of fall.
7. Rosy them cheeks. Try a rosy blush it will enhance that already natural look.
8. Let your hair down. Skip those tight, stiff up do's stick to something lose like a low sleek ponytail or just let it down.
9. Dramatic lips. If wearing lipstick go easy on eye makeup. Remember keep it classy this fall.
10. Try no make-up. This fall go completely natural. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and apparently in seasons too! Don't be afraid to try new things this fall, for there are many more than just this list of 10. Enjoy

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Importance of Keeping Your Glamour Going

Importance Of Keeping Your Glamour Going
In early stages of relationships, most people glamour themselves by dressing up well, going to lavish places to eat, buying gifts and also try to sound more sophisticated. As days convert to weeks & months the glamour starts fading away. People start becoming more casual; in their dressing & presentation styles especially. Although, it seems like not a bug deal but these little things can be the cause of glamour in a relationship, fading away.
Keeping The Glamour Going
It is very important to remember why people fall for each other or start to like each other in the first place. It is because of the Glamour that was presented by the other person through their style, the dressing sense,the outdoor dating in romantic ambiance and gifts that acted as tokens of appreciation for each other. These are basic foundation of Glamour in all relationships.
It is very critical to keep your style or persona always visible. As for as media Glamour or Glamour in Relationships is concerned, the first thing that catches the eyes of the viewer is appearance. The dressing and communication style is what starts the Glamour in the first place. So, why not be Glamorous and stay Glamorous. It's not always about what you wear but how you carry yourself; not about what you say but how you say it. It really does not matter if the intellect varies between the two individuals but the language plays a huge role in keeping the spark of one individual in another person's mind.

Don't get it wrong; it's not about dressing in formals or exotic dresses every day. Not at all. Although, it is very important to look good; feel good; stay fresh and let your positive energy be vibrant towards the other. A good sign to know if the Glamour exists in your style is when your significant other's friends drop in by surprise and you don't have to run away from the front door into the bathroom or the bedroom to become presentable. Why get proper for others? Why not keep the Glamour going for the ones that admire you in the first place?

Presentation Once Again

Yes! Presentation Once Again. It is not just about your presentation but presentation of ever thing you do or posses. For example, if you cook food for the special someone the presentation of your cooking should bring that Glamour of yours out with it. Experiencing a well presented substance enhances the experience a
thoughtful act & does magic for keeping the Glamour in relationships.

Expensive Dates Does Not Equal Up to Glamour
The point is not to go out to lavish restaurants. The point is to go out and have fun together. People tend to forget how much fun they uses to have spent more money that really was out of his or her budget but the point was not that. The point was to have fun which caused the Glamour in the first place. Was it not? Whether, you go to a bar during happy hours or go to a five star restaurant, the difference is not really much. As long as you do things and never forget the basics that are the basis of your relationship; The Glamour will always remain. So why is it important to keep the Glamour going? It's because you don't want to fade the characteristics that your other significant saw in you, which made him or her fall for you in the first place.

The Work Rules To Rule Office

Work or profession is an unavoidable part of one's life. It is not only the economic source, but also provides one with a designation or place that one has desired for a long time. Just getting an employment is not enough. It is important to abide by some rules and etiquette to live up to one's stature in the office or workplace. Any fresher in job field would love to discuss the work rules you've gotta know and carry on according to need.
When it comes to office rules, behavior is one of the most important aspects. Experts say that everyone respects a person with good behavior and strong spine. In fact, it also reduces the chances for dirty rivalry or office politics. Some good word, as simple as "Good Morning" With a simple smile can bring a positive change others attitude towards the speaker. If one is acting as a group leader, It is important to work hard along with other co-employees. One must keep in mind that one cannot get proper respect by bullying employees. encouraging co-employees and working hard will definitely bring respect and love towards the leader.
Dressing is important in any field of work. It's one of the work rules you've gotta know. If one is under-dressed for any office meeting or every day office it is sure to change the viewer attitude and claim disrespect. Overly dressed is somewhat better than being under-dressed as one may cut any clothing according to need. Under dressed employees displays an unprofessional attitude to the workplace. Shaving and groomed hair is an important part of the dressing style.
One must remember the special days of the co-employees and employers. A simple greetings card or birthday cake might include one in the person's good book. When it comes to intense work schedules, one gets overwhelmed with just simple wishing. One can feel suggestion intensity when receives the same gesture.
While using mobile phone, one must lower the ringtone volume. One has to choose a suitable ringtone for office. The basic idea behind this is to keep up a calm situation in the office that makes working easier.
In most offices, one has to email any need or quarries. Sometimes one has to get the complete information from employers and distribute it to one's group members. For this one has to enhance the email skills and write in a proper professional tone.
There are a million more suggestions for the work rules you've gotta know. The basic rule is to formulate rules that make the office a better place to work.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Flaunt Your Sexy New Hair Look

Nowadays, both men and women are fashion and style conscious. All people love to look glamorous and gorgeous at each points of time, even while at home. Today's kids are also concerned about their looks very much. One of the important parts of your look is the hair. Research works say that most of the men and women first notice the hair of people at their first sight or at the time of first meeting with any person especially during dates. Moreover, every individual goes through a new hair cut to refresh his look or at a time when they feel low or to pamper oneself. Your sexy new hair look can give you the much-needed confidence to overcome any situation.

Tips to get your sexy new hair look

As the proverb goes that, try to look good if you want to feel good about yourself. Several people do not pay much attention to their hair and think that the messy look is very casual to attract others. However, the truth is every person love to watch your sexy new hair look rather than being clumsy all the while.

  • Men - If you want to show off your sexy new hair look immediately, firstly you have to get a suitable haircut. However, if you already have charming haircut, all you need to do is to set up in a cool and stylish manner to catch the attention of people at the first meeting. Men can easily use some good hair products like hair gel or cream to get the desired look. You can also be inspired by any celebrity to make your sexy new hair look perfect.
  • Women - There are plenty of way to exhibit your sexy new hair look. You have to get a new, apt hair cut as per your feature, and if you already got one, you just need to stylize it by using hair styling products. If you like to keep short hair, you can opt for a wet look or bubbly look to express the sporting spirit of yours. However, if you love to keep your hair long, there are various ways to flaunt your sexy new hair look. You can easily perm or curl your hair for that wavy look whereas you can also straighten your hair to create a dreamy appearance. Moreover, you can color your hair as per your complexion and eye color for having vibrant style. Whenever you want to show your sexy new hair look to be the center of attraction, just remember the nature of the gathering, season and your image and personality as vital factors to set the entire look.

Friday, November 22, 2013

10 New Beauty Ideas For Fall

Fall is the time of the year for glowing - skin, flawless hair and natural beauty. Follow these 10 new beauty ideas for fall and have a stunning look no matter what you do.

1. Full Brows, More Flattering

Consider twee-zing only the stray hairs when needed and follow up with an eyebrow pencil one shade lighter than normal. The result is a natural look with a softer appearance.

2. Touch Your Skin With Spa

Invest in a new rotating cleansing brush for your face-washing routine.

3. Paint Nails Green

Paining your nails with an olive green color is enough to flatter all types of skin and goes great with many colors.

4. Smooth Hair

Try a 30 day smoothing treatment for your hair. The results are no harsh chemicals and no frizz.

5. Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup contains ingredients that are safe and healthy for the skin.

6. Consider The Bob

This hairstyle looks great for styling hair and giving hair that look of more volume.

7. Time For A New Brush?

Big round brushes are great for styling hair and giving hair that look of more volume.

8. Fatter lashes

Make your eyes pop by using fake lashes or a voluminous mascara.

9. Go Red

Red hair is known to warm all different skin Tories.

10. Essential Oils

Essential oils are the quick way to moisturizing your skin before makeup application.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

12 Step Program to a More Beautiful You

In the world of beauty there are creams and a machine for everything, but here are 12 simply who-knew beauty tricks that can be done in a pinch and on a dime that will have you looking your best.
Look younger instantly 12 who-knew beauty tricks.

  1. Don't slouch. This won't cost you one dime, but will have your family and co-workers asking if you've recently lost weight or started working out.
  2. Drink plenty of water. You know, you've been told this a million times but its true! Water naturally flushes your body of aging toxins and helps reduce weighty inflammations.
  3. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. It won't be the same results as an hour long date with the stair stepper, but adding exercise to your daily routine. It won't be the same results as an hour long date with the stair stepper, but adding exercise to your everyday routine will have your legs slimming and tummy tightening sooner than you'd think. Try doing calf raises in the shower, or while brushing your teeth. Throw in a couple extra squats when you reach down to pick something up you've dropped. (Maybe not suitable for the office.)
  4. Diet for you. Everyone's body is completely different. Some people can eat their body weight in donuts and not gain an ounce while others can look at a piece of bacon and go into cardiac arrest. Instead of spending tons of money on the latest fad diet, do a little research. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain items. do carbs make you crave more carbs? Does dairy upsets your stomach? Eating for your body will help it function at full potential; keeping you young.
  5. Get outside. There is no need to lay out for hours on the beach or hike for days through the woods to benefit from being outside. Sitting outside for a brief 10 minutes a day can help elevate your mood and keep those worry and frown lines off your face.
  6. Wear sunscreen. Although this beauty tip won't make you grow think, shiny locks of hair or have perfect skin overnight, the use of sunscreen and smart sun protection practices throughout a lifetime can be the difference between aging like Halle Berry and aging like...anyone off of reality TV.
  7. Skip the skim. If you're a coffee drinker, you may consider ordering your latte with 2% milk fat as opposed to skim. Studies have shown that the fat in the milk not only helps your body digest the milk better, but helps prevent your teeth from soaking up the coffee pigments.
  8. Use a tooth brush. We all know the importance of brushing our teeth, but did you know you can use a tooth brush to prep your pout for lipstick? By gently brushing your lips with a soft bristled tooth brush, you can remove dead skin and get kiss-ably smooth lips whether you are wearing lipstick or not.
  9. Take a night for yourself. Have a girl's night in or even a personal at-home spa day is cost effective and not only helps you look beautiful, but be more confident. Taking time for yourself helps establish a sense of self worth, creating a happier, more confident, and more radiant you.
  10. Skip a day washing your hair, although hygienic, strips your hair of natural oils. With constant stripping of oils, your body will begin to produce more oil in attempts to compensate for all the oils that are being taken away. By skipping a day or two between washes, your scalp will have chance to calm its oil productions.
  11. Get the girls fitted. Did you know that the majority of women will spend their whole life wearing the wrong sized bra? its as simple as popping into your local lingerie shop or any Victoria's Secret to get measured and fitted. The base of any good outfit are great foundation garments.
  12. Tame those brows! Eyebrows are one of the most expressive details of women's face. You don't want yours to be expressing anything anything in the realm of furry. Head over to your local beauty school for a quick brow-do and notice the difference shaping can make.

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