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Fashion Styles For Women - Be A Real Fashionista, Surprise the World

Women love being stylish and dressing after the latest trends, but whether we want it or not, fashion industry
is difficult to understand. With so many fashion styles out there, it is pretty complicated to choose the one
that suits you best, which is why you have to experience new styles all the time in order to determine the one
that will highlight your best physical qualities and will make you look just like a fashion diva. Just be honest, it is fun and exciting to buy garments and spend your time in fashion stores, but this is useless as long as you do not know what fashion style is the best for you.

Here are some tips to consider, so that you can have expert advice every step of the way. Watch your sizes and make sure to choose only those garments that fits your body like a glove!

Be classy - Women can choose to be classy if other fashion styles seem inappropriate or they simply want to be elegant, yet feminine for going to work or, why not, to school. However, do not imagine "classy" as wearing long dresses or elegant taffeta costumes, because that really is not true. You may choose to bring some chic Parisian flair to your outfit by choosing decent dresses that do not exceed your knees in length, with vintage colors like purple, pink-orange or turquoise, wide or small hats, pencil-thin heels and, of course, a small clutch to keep all your essentials inside. This would be the classy Parisian flair, which will make you every feminine and "old-fashioned," but in a way that is actually fashionable.

However, you can be classy by adopting the never dying Viennese fashion outfits, which can surprise through their feminine simplicity. You can take Pippa Middleton's example and wear a black, to-the-knee dress, a
white belt around your waist, a white, thin sweater over the dress, black, to-the-knee dress, a white belt around your waist, a white, thin sweater over the dress, black silk stockings and a pair of pretty ballet-like shoes, which will make you look impressively and become the most novel presence among others
around you. A large handbag will be good, but try to choose a color that is not included in your outfit, like light brown.

Be glamorous - Most young women prefer glamour rather than elegance, but that is not bad given the fact that most garments look so incredibly feminine and fresh. Glamour girls wear feminine clothing, romantic frilly, frequently satin, as well as soft make-up colors, such as lavender or pale pink. Velvet, lace and ruffles
can be your best friends if you like glamour style and you want to look better than ever before - remember just one very important aspect: you cannot have them all in one single outfit. In other words, wear strictly lace, velvet or ruffles at one time, otherwise you will approach a haute couture fashion style, which cannot be normally worn by women due to its exaggerate details.

How can you be a glamour girl as well? It is not very difficult as long as you have some garments with floral
motifs in your wardrobe. Skirts with ruffles are very suited and you might choose jeans jacket in order to
complement your outfit in a simple and romantic way. Light-colored garments are exactly the ones you need
for adopting the fashion style you like, but avoid black or other colors that might make you look older than you really are. With assorted sandals and a big handbag, you can call yourself a glamorous girl with feminine
"accents." Avoid persistent make-up and flashy colors - they destroy that simple look of yours!

Be trendy - You can never be too trendy, right? Be bold, daring, fearless, confident and carefree for an
excellent look that will surprise everyone around you. Bold burgundies, autumnal yellows and brown suit you best, especially if you opt for short, black dresses, knee-high leather boots and a brown, simple handbag.
Choose your outfits carefully, especially if you plan to include some unusual patterns within it.

You may highlight your waist by adding a belt around it, preferably one that has a similar color to one of your garments. Jeans can be also incredibly fitted, but opt for skinny ones and be careful when opting for them. Be trendy with Mollie King's sailor style, which involves wearing red skinny jeans, a navy blue topper and brown boots, along with a matching clutch and that feminine flair that has always surprised the world. This style is awesome if you are slim and tall enough, otherwise the effect will not be the same.

Olivia Palermo's utility jacket can also be a nice option, especially if you only plan to hang out with your
friends and you want to avoid spending too much time choosing your outfit. Also, a pair of indigo skinny
jeans and a heather grey sweater should be really great, particularly if you combine it with a large tote.
Simple leather boots are the best, but pump shoes can be suited as well, from your workplace to restaurants and back again.

Accessories, accessories and accessories
Women cannot live without them, as their primary role is improving their look by adding some style to their
outfit. Accessories are great if you know how to wear them correctly - for instance, you cannot wear both a bracelet and a ring at one time because you risk being too "indecent." Haute couture accessories are popular
now, so whatever you do, stick to whatever is bigger - big pendants, big bracelets, big earrings, big belts, etc.

Remember that your accessories need to complement your outfit and not the other way around! You wear
clothes first of all, then you put on the accessories and go. Opt for small necklaces only when you wear
elegant or very sophisticated dresses and tiny bracelets can also be great in this regard. Either way,
accessories are only a manner to make your outfit look stylish, so making excesses is always bad. Fit them
with your shoes or bag, especially because this will make your outfit more balanced and will ensure you the look you have been dreaming about.

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