Monday, February 24, 2014

The best eye shadows for blue eyes

Blue eyes are rare in our society, in fact it is estimated that about two percent of the total world population
have them. The eye shadows on the other hand basically bring out the color of the eyes. So ladies privileged
with this natural asset should try and bring out the best in them and they can do this by proper selection of
the best eye shadow color that will match with their lovely blue eyes.

First of all, consideration has to be taken before selecting that ideal eye shadow this may include skin tone
and the hair color. To bring out that glamorous look contrasting hues are often encouraged but depending on
the person there various shades which will work out. If you are some of the privileged few with blue eyes
here is a list for your consideration:

1. Bronze
A type of orange-based shades, eye shadow is arguably a fantastic choice for those with blue eyes. Bronze
tones can very from light to much darker. Lighter bronze shadow can be used on the brow bone area to bring out the blue eyes, while a deeper bronze can be used on lids to define them more.

2. Peach
Peach is also an orange-based shade works quite well on those with blue eyes. The best thing about this
eye shadow is that it can be blended with other shades since it offers a great base color for the other

3. Brown
Brown eye shadow works quite well with various eye colors including blue eyes. Brown is basically a neutral
shade and has various varieties from deep, rich chocolate to a light, shimmery tan. Brown eye shadows will
work gorgeously with those with natural red hair.

4. Taupe
Taupe is in the brown family. Taupe is arguably one of the best neutral shades. It greatest advantage is that it
can be worn by anyone with blue eyes. For that wonderful look shimmery taupe will do for beautiful look
throughout the day.

5. Purple
Purple eye shadow shades may include lavender or rich plum. Plum eye shadow works the best with blue
eyes. Violet is also ideal for a blue bay. These eye-shadows work gorgeously with blondes.

6. Grey
Grey colored eye shadows work especially well with light skinned people who have light blue eyes. The
silvery-grey shade is most ideal in the evening as they are mostly used to bring out the smoky eye effect.
Just what you need during your night out!

7. Deep blue
Though not preferred by many people due to its resemblance with the eye colors, a tint of deep blue shade
could prove to be the real deal. Just experiment and you may just find out that this may be the sparkle of
beauty you were missing.

8. Cream
Cream shades are ideal for emphasizing the brow bone and often brings out the eye shadows you have just
used. So be sure you need a cream shade.

For that appealing gorgeous you can select what suits you from this range of colors. Remember to blend your eye shade with your skin tone and hair.

Lord and Taylor

Lord and Taylor