Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weird things guys do when you’re not around- dress down look

You must have certainly seen a well dressed and sober guy across the street, but have you ever noticed a guy trying some weird fashion tricks? Well, there are certain weird things guys do when you're not around especially when it comes to fashion. Men find it really cool that way you see. Also you cannot expect to try out your newly gained fashion skill in front of anyone, so why would they?
The weird style and fashion
The nail paint trick-guys like to try on your nail paints when you are not around. Well this can be because
they are thinking of you or missing you, or just plain curiosity to see what it exactly is. Just have a look at their nails. You often see them tainted with blue or black nail paints. What is weird for you is really cool for them. You can even find them with designing nails.
The dress disaster- gives a surprise visit to your guy friend once in a while to see him wearing your LBD and clicking snaps. If that is not all for you, here comes more, you can see a guy wearing an off shoulder LBD and a stiletto and posing in front of the mirror. Well, he is just imitating you. It is another of the weird things guys do when you're not around. They simply love to fool around in your absence.
Short it is! At home-guys cannot stay away from the shorts. Given a chance they can spend the entire year on these boxer shorts. So when you are away and there is no pestering, how can he stay from away it? What is really weird about these shorts is that they are not normal. Yes, heard it right. Not NORMAL. Most of these shorts have weird prints and designs that tells a lot about himself. You can even catch those wearing shorts with cartoons on it. See? This is the reason most guys prefer to wear it when alone.
Now you know what weird things guys try out in your absence. Next time you are out of home, give them a surprise visit to see what's more in there for you. Till then keep your lips zipped/

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