Monday, May 26, 2014

Tips on how to steal celebrity styles

Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity and wondered how you can achieve that look? Well, look no
further, here are some tips that will have you ready for work or a night on the town with friends. Do you have a full set of lips like Jessica Alba but not sure how to make them look their best? Here's a tip for you.....First,
you will need a tube of lipstick of your choice and the matching lip liner. If you cannot find lip liner identical to your lipstick then try to get the shade closest to it. Next, take your liner and line your lips with it, if you don't
have full lips but want the appearance of them, outline your top slightly past your natural line.Next, use
either the tube of lipstick itself or if you prefer a lip brush and start to fill in your lips, making sure you stay in
the line. Finally, once you're done applying your lipstick if your lips aren't as glossy as you would like then
you can apply a little lip gloss as your top coat and you're all set!! How about Katy Perry, she's been know for wearing the "cat eye", sexy and sultry yet easy to accomplish. First, you will use three different shades of
eye shadow. We will use brown shades for example. Take your lighter shade and apply it first then take your
brightest shade also known as your "highlighter" and apply it slightly higher than the first shade and lastly
apply your darkest shade towards the crease of your eye. So now you will have a layer of your colors; take a brush and slightly blend the colors together. Now here comes the harder part, its time to line your eyes with
eyeliner, preferably liquid liner. This does take practice so if you need to, you can start with a pencil liner until
you're ready to move on to liquid. Take your liner and make what the call a "dotted line", that way you wont
have to worry about having a steady hand for long. Once you've made the lines, it's time to connect them
by starting at your inner eyelid and working your way outwards. Once you are near the outer end of your eye, start slanting upward. Once you are done, apply liner to your bottom lid, apply your mascara and you're finished!! Now its time for a hair tip, who doesn't love Blake Lively's ponytails? This girl can wear a ponytail for every occasion and make them all look effortless and flawless. One that stands out is the fishtail braid.
Totally stylish and very doable for the average jane. First of all, you have to decide where you want your
braid, you can pull it to the left or right side, high or low, etc. For this example, we are doing a lower left side
fishtail ponytail. So, pull all your hair to the left side and secure it with an elastic band. Next, separate the hair
into two sections, one in your left hand and one in your right. Then, take a small section of hair from the
outer side of the section in your right hand, pull it over the top of the rest of the section and combine it with
the hair in the left hand. Now do the some to the left side, take a small section of hair from the outer side of
the section in your left hand, pull it over the top of the rest of the section and combine it with the hair in the
right hand. Now you are going to repeat until your whole ponytail is braided. When you are done, apply an
elastic band to secure your hair and if you want a messier look, you can tease the hair by pulling at the
strands in the ponytail. You can do these celebrity styles and make yourself look red carpet ready even if you aren't!!!

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