Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 beauty ideas for fall

It is important that you take care of yourself all through the year, to have that beautiful glowing look.You can have a glowing skin during fall with the following 10 new beauty tips that will help you look great throughout the season with little effort.
Natural brow
If you are used to going all tweezers on your eyebrows, then it is time you slow it down or opt for not using it at all. You can appear more flattering if you have full eyebrows. If you have to trim your eyebrows, you could tweeze your strays a bit, then use a pencil shade lighter to fill your eyebrows. Your pencil shade lighter
should be of a lighter shade than the natural color of your brow. This helps in creating a more natural and softer effect. Avoid using a pencil shade lighter that has the same shade as your brow as this will give you a harsh look.
Give your skin a spa touch
There are plenty of facial appliances that help you get an amazing skin. You can incorporate a cleansing brush as part of your face washing schedule. The cleansing brush has massaging bristles that are effective in loosening dirt and makeup without extra scrubbing. These facial appliances are highly effective in clearing in clearing up conditions like rosacea and acne.
Using a olive shade on your nails
Painting your nails with a military green shade will amazingly flatter your skin tone. It will also blend well with fall fashion colors like navy and plum.
Smooth hair
Hair straightening treatments can be expensive and there are high chances that you might be risk of having toxic used on your hair. The good thing is that you can now straighten your hair at home safely.
Home straightening kits have keratin which is used to temporary fill holes present in hair shaft. It also comes
packed with shampoo that helps in drying your hair. You can flat-iron your hair to seal in the sleekness. Your hair will end up being smooth for at most 30 days before you straighten it again.
Change your makeup
If you are not yet using mineral makeup, its time you start using it. Mineral make up is made up of seaweed
and soybean extracts which make your skin healthy. They are also free from artificial oils, preservatives and
synthetics that harm your skin.
Consider getting fat lashes
Thick long lashes are effective in opening up your eyes. If you have short or sparse lashes and you are interested in getting thick lashes, you could consider using lash growth natural serum. Apply it on the outline
of your lids once a day.
Get a hair color
A red hair color warms up different skin tones and looks amazing during fall. If you have a fair skin tone you could consider using a copper hair color shade. Mahogany is best for people with dark tones while auburn blends well with olive tone.
Use oil on your skin
Facial oils sink in the skin quicker and are just as moisturizing as heavy creams. The good thing about facial
oils is that they are very light and come packed with fatty acids which are essential in hydrating the skin.

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