Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Make a Stylish identity with black brown Smokey eyes Makeup

Who don't love make up? Talking about girls, it's more like a part and the parcel which they use almost
everywhere. It seems that these days, a dramatic kind of makeup is more in demand. This season, its Smokey eyes which has grabbed attention of many people. There is one trick which you must be familiar
with. Once you understand it, you can experiment with your eyes by giving different color effects. Suppose
for a causal brown smoky effect, using brown shade is perfect while black shade looks good one people who have fair tone. Today we will learn how to get a black brown Smokey eyes and look fashionable.
Smokey eyes is a classic party eye makeup which certainly gives a new look to your face and make you a stylish diva. However, to get the right kind of style, you need to master the blending and applications
technique so that you can apply it anywhere in fraction of minutes. Once you start doing it in a right way, you
will certainly notice an irresistible-looking eyes
Easy steps that Right color: To start with it, you need at least two different power colors of eye shadow and
black eye pencil for highlighting. For a smokey effect you must also carry a dark mascara.
Blending Matters the most: Before you begin with such style of makeup always keep in mind that proper
blending is necessary. Use colors in such a way that they should complement each other. An easy tip to
follow would be pairing light base color with rich dark color looks good.
Do the Lining: Once you have all things ready in your hand, sit in front of the mirror and start with the process. Line up the top and bottom of your yes in a careful manner with a black or brown liners whichever
shade you find good. You need to then soften the lines and thus give a smudging effect with the help of a your finger tip.
Apply the shadow: Take a small brush and apply the matte brown eye shadow on bottom and top of your yes. Make sure the blending is done in a right way and towards the direction of the crease. Try to get the brown color which is similar to chocolate or coca color. Come what may don't go for pink or red toned blown color as it will mess up your complete make up.
Dust the Eyelids: Now the next task is to dust the eyelids. for this, get a light color and apply it on your eyelid
with the makeup brush. For dusting, you can always choose shimmery shadow which looks the best. The
shade in gold or bronze will be perfectly fine.
It's Time to give Volume: No makeup can look good unless you volume it. For this, you must apply the waterproof mascara of your eyelashes. The color should be either black brown or completely black. Make
sure it matches with the lines that you have used. One the primary coat of mascara gets dried up, you then
again have to apply another coat but this time only of the lashes.
To highlight your black brown smokey eyes make up, use some soft share on your cheeks and lips. With
nude and soft shades, nothing can compete with the dramatic eyes.

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