Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Smokey Eye Tutorial!!!

The smokey eye is definatley one of the looks that is always in style. Most if not all African American girls
love the look of a good smokey eye however very few know to actually get it right. They believe that the smokey eye is all about black eye shadow the thing is it can actually be achieved with just about any color
green, yellow, purple regardless of the skin color you just have to be more daring. The ultimate secret to get a hot, sexy and smoldering smokey eye is technique. Like in any eye make up to achieve a great smokey eye
you should invest in a primer Eye shadow more often than not disappears, fades or smudges a few hours after application. Primers reduce the amount of oil on your skin making your eye shadow last longer and appear more vibrant. Primers generally dry quickly 10 to 15 seconds should be enough time to apply the primer, work your way down starting at your brow bone gently descending to your lower eyelid. On finishing
with the primer select a neutral color from your color palette this is also referred to as a bridge color it acts as a go between the visual contrast of moving from light to dark. Use a normal make up brush to apply this color with the same motions starting at the brow bone working your way down. The most important aspect of this application is to ensure that the color is well blended. You can now choose the color you have decided to make smokey. To ensure the best application of this color a flat make up brush is best. Slowly blink your eye a line will form on your skin just above your eyelid this is know as a crease. You should therefore generously apply the color on your entire lid finishing of slightly above your crease just ensure the application is done evenly and the darkness desired is achieved. For the smokey eye to fully accentuate your
facial features apply a shimmering color generously on your brow bone start at the bottom of your brow slowly fanning up to the top of your brow. Remember that although the color is shimmering it should also be nude to complement your skin color as well as your eyes. Finally you should get a black liquid liner or a pencil and and trace a line carefully over your lash band, grab a slightly lighter pencil and line your waterline slowly up to your tear duct A lighter pencil helps to make your eye look wider and more radiating but always remember to blend any pencil application with a cotton bud to reduce any heaviness. Then grab a smudge brush and slowly smudge your liner into the shadow. Ensure you curl off lashes with a thick application of mascara two coats should be enough. If all the above steps are followed to precision voila you will have your smokey eye, just remember keep your lips simple as you want all the focus to be on your eyes.

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